500 years since the Philippines was "discovered"

That has to be celebrated with a reenactment:

She won’t be able to anchor where Magellan anchored because of the proximity to the airport at Cebu and the depth of water in the bay where the height restrictions end make anchoring problematic.
The monument might need a bit of TLC as well.

Celebrate the invasion?

Yes just like the “Endeavour 250” celebration in Oz:

Of course Capt. Cook didn’t “discover” Australia (any more than Magellan discovered the Philippines). The Chinese and Dutch were there before.

PS> Or like Columbus “discovered” the Americas. (The Vikings were there 500 years earlier)

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Spain has a funny way of looking at the past. Consider the case of the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes that was sunk by the British 34 miles off the coast of Portugal in 1804. The ship was loaded with gold and silver looted from the natives in South America and destined for the coffers of the Spanish King Charles.

When the Spanish government found out how much gold and silver was aboard the wreck they decided they owned it and actually forced the American salvage company to return what they recovered from 1100 meters down. The museum of underwater archeology in Cartegena, Spain has a display of part of the looted South American treasure labeled as being “plundered” by the salvage company. There is no sign saying any of the loot was or would be returned to the countries whose miners produced it.


Whats your point? Was Odyssey Marine Exploration going to hand the loot back to the natives in South America?

No, my point was the looters called the salvors plunderers. No shame in salvaging sunken gold but there should be huge shame in enslaving aboriginal people and stealing their resources.

The invasion and subjugation of another nation for purely economic reasons has long been declared a crime against humanity. Celebrating the act is in really bad taste.

Fair enough, but Odyssey Marine Exploration knew they did not have the right on their side under international law. Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes was protected by Sovereign immunity.

So was the gold and silver it carried. The cargo was the sovereign property of several South American nations and peoples, it was property stolen by Spanish invaders.

Was there any sovereign nation states in South and Central America in 1804?

Does the same apply to land and property stolen from native “nations” in North America before and after 1804??


Yes, nothing to argue about here. The 2021 budget for those folks is around $3.5 billion.

Please, define a generally accepted ‘nothing’.

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It’s essential to argue over nothing in order to allow enough time for forum members to forget what they’ve said so they can continue arguing the same points for and against the Jones Act and unions until the Earth falls into the sun.


Do you have a source for that? :upside_down_face:


It’s Scuttlebutt ffs

Yeh, except the comments clearly weren’t in jest, or even humorous.

Don’t be so hard on yourself Slick. A little self examination is OK but this goes a bit into the unhealthy regime.

Who could imagine that my post about a visit by a Spanish ship in the Philippines on a trip to celebrate the first circumnavigation of the earth 500 years ago should turn into an argument about… (Who knows what???)


Boom! Roasted me! :joy: