Want to work as a Longshoreman in Port Newark...any tips

I recently had a friend who started working as Longshoreman in Port Newark and he seems to be happy there. I’ve been working at UPS for the last 9yrs and I feel that like it’s time to move on to another job. He says he’s appreciated there and I would like the same. The only thing is that he got hired because he has family there. All I want to know is if I’ll be wasting my time applying. And any procedures I should follow that will give me an upper hand even though I don’t have family who works there. Thanks.

I would imagine your friend with all his family contacts should be able to answer this pretty well.

Why would anyone want to leave UPS? Pretty sure longsoremen in Port Newark are ILA so you’d have to join that union. And you’d be bottom guy on the totem pole. Stay where you are dude. UPS is a hell of a lot more reliable than ANYTHING in the maritime world.

If you get on with ILA I want your job at UPS!!

I’m just saying because my current situation is that UPS is only part-time but where my friend works he’ll work about 18-24hrs a week making $40 an hour and $60 on weekends, and his union takes $50 a week. That seems better then UPS to me unless he’s not telling me something I should know.