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Well after a yr of constant break downs and keeping stuff glued together, then getting the surprise “fuck you pay cut” which was never discussed or mentioned when I was hired but basically means 25% of the time I will be working here Im getting roughly 20% less Im starting to climb the walls trying to escape. What i want to know is, is stuff slow out of NYC right now ? 2 places, 1 large and 1 semi small have both said yes to the possibility of a job but waiting a little bit to figure out a new floating home for me due to vessels in S/Y and general turnover. For the hell of it i even called Bouchard just to sniff and they wherent hiring licensed engineers, made me blink for a second. I turned down a job from the peanut butter and jelly fleet, i wont do the GOM 2-2 thing again, but it seems weird because for yrs guys couldnt get in even if they let a boat crew run a train on their wife and now ive heard of 5-6 guys i know who left in the last 6 months. Anyway, long story short, is stuff just slow and picking up ? I know the price of oil doesnt help, havent seen the city since last yr and just wondering.

I have an engineer who thinks he can walk into a job anywhere for 2x what he is making now at a moments notice. I should make him read this.

Pb&J looks like they have 2 more units on the ways. Wonder where those guys are going, unless they’re leaving to avoid working on certain boats?

Genesis has had ads for licenses engineers.

Things seem steady to me. I know Bouchard is allegedly pinning a few barges for new boats, or pinning boats for new barges. Think it’s pinning older Barges though. when those boats (likely) get sold to Mcallister those crews will need new homes I imagine. I see barge traffic pick up some usually when spring comes and more gasoline starts flowing. Lots of diesel and heating oil coming from overseas by ship right now.

Have you set yourself up a LinkedIn account? Once you build up a few connections on there, you’ll get job offers from recruiters, sectors you haven’t thought about, and Gulf and West Coast companies.

I took a “winter job” that might have turned out to be more, but things have not worked out as advertised. I cannot see myself staying here. I’m looking for a new job, probably in the PNW or Alaska, but I am open to considering other opportunities.

I’ll second LinkedIn. I have had a lot of inquiries and requests for resumes from recruiters come from LinkedIn. These have also led to several job offers, but the offers always came when I was committed to something else. LinkedIn is also useful to make contacts and inquiries with people who work at specific companies.

I appreciate the advice about the “linked-in” account, its all about the politics anymore. I shouldnt cry to bad, they dont bother me, and as long as the boat runs they are happy. Getting down on time for my chief limited and thats really what you need to be taken seriously anymore at the bigger companies.

[QUOTE=BargeMonkey;156868]I appreciate the advice about the “linked-in” account, its all about the politics anymore. I shouldnt cry to bad, they dont bother me, and as long as the boat runs they are happy. Getting down on time for my chief limited and thats really what you need to be taken seriously anymore at the bigger companies.[/QUOTE]

When you get the Chief Limited, follow up directly after and request the Chief OSV < 3000 ITC. That’s assuming the USCG hasn’t changed the requirements. Maybe you’ll never want to work in the Gulf or foreign, but it’s always better to have options.

PB&J = Reinauer?

yup. Can confirm: 2x2 in the gulf with a long commute and long run sucks a fattie.

That had to suck. Lose a day at least on each end don travel. They should go 3/3.

moved there from Bouchard. Quality of life at work went way up. Quality of life at home went way down. Crew change three days late or early because of longer route and you’re really screwed up. I’d say this is why they are losing more people with running more boats down south. They floated the idea of 3 and 3 for boats south of Hatteras and the old guard shut it down.

Never understood why they weren’t 3x3, it makes so much more sense. Does anyone not in the harbor even like 2x2? I can’t imagine how or why they would.

Ha ha I heard some old timers wanted to band together and work like a 1-2 schedule. 3 crews, or at least captains, of near retirees.

If you have a long commute, unless you are on full pay door to door (which we all should be) with all travel expenses paid, it does not make much sense to have a schedule any shorter than 30/30.

Three and three was about the best rotation that I worked. At least this way you got a full two weeks off to do wa=hat you wanted. I have worked 1+1, 2+2, 3+3 and 28+14.

With the exception of a few foreign runs and new construction projects, my last 24 years was 28/28. Paid travel, 100% medical, OT and double pension contributions made for a good contract.

That first year that Reinauer gave those huge Christmas bonuses, everyone in the harbor was drooling!!! I think I got a swiss army watch or a travel bag from my company!

I was around for the big bonus yrs, last yr was the 1st in 5-6 yrs but i was already gone, but all my friends had to make sure i knew. :smiley: I have “Chief OSV Any HP” 3000 ITC already, when i took the DDE i asked and they added it. I did the GOM thing for about 3yrs solid, we did run the beach in the beginning. It made 0% fucking sense, i had to be in LGA for a flight by 12-2pm, so leave home at 4am. Get to Houston for 10, wait 3 hrs, grub shop, then 2-4 more hours to the boat via launch usually. I finally said fuck this and took a job shoreside till i found something. 1 day each way travel, then 1 day each end being a zombie. Best is when the whole crews been up 24hrs, and we show up to get underway. 6/7 of my crew voted yes, and 4/7 on the other crew voted yes to 3/3, and the office even said they would move people and shit still didnt happen. I liked working there, but when they told me GOM again with 2-2 i will take 30-40 a day less and stay local.

Yeah Man,I jus don’t understand why all the people at Reinauer want to stay at 2/2. It’s more like 16/12 at the end of the day.

I think they like spending 26 days a year in airports. That or they cant stand having to spend a full three weeks straight with their wives.