It’s time to liven gCaptain up a bit with new discussion of what we are all most interested in - 2021 wages.

The USCG NMC and Covid are helping us out with super slow processing of applications. Even an OS endorsement in hand has become valuable.

Business is good. Most vessel operating companies are busy at higher day rates, and hiring, or trying to.

Pacific Northwest tugboat captains are $750, give or take a little. Mates are about $600, Tankerman about $550, ABs about $400 , and OS close to the same.

What are wages in your area?


Chief UFIV $800-1000 daily guarantee + % bonus depending on fish prices, double the guarantee on good trips

Mate/Captain depends on fish prices and quota availability but you get to sit in a chair and feel important and who can put a price on that.

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