VSO Deadline, and?

I think all you need to do is send your STCW to the USCG and have them put it on. Does anyone know anything more about this? No class or other hoops to jump through?

You have to fill out an application for STCW endorsement and include:
Copy of license
Copy of MMD
Copy of TWIC
Copy of STCW
2 passport photos
Original Security course cert
New VSO course cert (original)

Make sure you ask them to send back your originals!

Send it to your local REC. No charge because it is an STCW transaction.

Is there no need to send a physical exam for just an STCW endorsement? I ask, only because you didn’t list it. That would be da bomb if it’s not needed.

Physicals aren’t required for STCW transactions, thank god.


Just went through this, the NMC gave me some bad info and had me send my paperwork directly to them. This is a huge mistake and rectified 2 weeks later when I got my stuff back…
YOU MUST USE A LOCAL REC to process and submit your documents. I did not have to submit a passport photo, I completed my license renewal back in April and was not asked to provide another passport photo when I spoke with REC Boston, 1-617-223-3040 select 1.
[B][I]Copies of all my credentials (mmd, twic, license, radar, stcw)and a copy of the new VSO cert, a completed application form signed in all the appropriate places, and a cover letter. I included a letter of service from my employer for good measure.[/I][/B]
Please note, REC Boston was clear they wanted copies of the cert, not the originals. [B]I made certain to ask and reaffirm they wanted copies.[/B]
I am informed that a new [B]MMC[/B] will be issued with the VSO endorsement(at no cost), not an endorsement sheet.[/I]
So, again I wait. The good newsis that as long as you can show you are “in process”, there is no issue with a boarding team, if you are in the system with a pending endorsement request (they have the means to check), you’re covered. Carry the cert anyway.

The cover letter form an employer is required if you never took a VSO course before but have been serving as a VSO. I think six months service is required? I remember when I did my VSO about a month ago there were several guys in the class who had these letters.

If you did a one day or three day SSO class in the past you don’t need the letter as long as you can produce your original certificate from that course.

I no longer work for an employer who can give me a letter, so looks like I need to do the course becuase I have only been at my new employer for a month. Everything else sounds normal, and no fee should be normal. Thanks for the help.

some questions re: VSO endorsement…please feel free to comment if you can.

sent my application in to REC NOLA…current status “requested” 6/25…wanted to get in the process before the 7/1 deadline.

**is the 7/1 date significant?

sent in form 719b, copies of license, MMD, STCW, TWIC, 1 SSO/CSO certificate (HudsonTrident 6/30/04), 1 SSO certificate (onboard training 1/19/05) all as per the REC…no mention of pictures.

**will they be issueing a complete set of documents?

they would not commit over the phone on if my certificates were current enough or if they would require a refresher…both are in accordance with the DNV standard…was assured by HudsonTrident that their certificate was “retroed”…who knows?

*what is the criteria for requiring the refresher course?

pdf here

Commanding Officer
United States Coast Guard
National Maritime Center
100 Forbes Drive.
Martinsburg, WV 25404
Phone: (304) 433-3400
Fax: (304) 433-3409
E-mail: iasknmc@uscg.mil
June 19, 2009
Important Information for Mariners Regarding Vessel Security Officer (VSO) Training and Certification.
The U.S. Coast Guard recently amended its regulations to implement the VSO training and certification amendments to the Seafarers’ Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code. These rules apply to all seagoing vessels, as defined in 46 CFR 15.1101, to mean self-propelled vessels engaged in commercial service that operate beyond the Boundary Line established by 46 CFR Part 7, except those vessels which have been determined to be otherwise exempt from STCW as per 46 CFR 15.103(e) and (f).
Considering that there are a large number of mariners that have applied for their VSO endorsements, but will not receive the document in time to meet the 1 July 2009 deadline, the Coast Guard will be accepting proof of application, accompanied by a course completion certificate, after July 1, 2009 as meeting the regulatory requirements for VSO. This is a temporary measure, which will remain in effect until September 1, 2009, in order to facilitate mariner application and processing of the endorsement. Mariners can show proof of application submission via Homeport ‘Mariner Application Status’ and print the display. To obtain your application status use the following link: Merchant Mariner Application Status
Considering that there are a large number of mariners that meet the criteria in 33 CFR Part 104.215, paragraphs (d)(4)(i)(A) and (B), but have not applied for a VSO endorsement and/or attended a refresher Coast Guard-accepted VSO course, the Coast Guard will be extending the refresher course completion deadline to 1 July 2011. A person must present to the course provider documentary evidence that he/she met the criteria in 33 CFR Part 104.215(d)(4)(i) prior to 1 July 2009 (effective date of the regulation).
For questions concerning this temporary measure, please contact Mayte Medina at 202-372-1406
David C. Stalfort
Captain, U. S. Coast Guard

For the latest information on STCW and Licensing, visit our web site at http://www.uscg.mil/nmc. The National
Maritime Center is an ISO 9001:2000 Compliant Organization.

Also, see the VSO FAQ here.

For those of you that live in LA…Lower Alabam…and have not yet attended a class for VSO, SeaSchool in Bayou La Batre is currently in the process of dealing with the CG to get certified to offer the class. If approved, they will be offering the classes in 6 to 8 weeks from now…


thanks…I had misplaced the FAQ link…may appeal on this one if there are any problems and can get HudsonTrident to cooperate…was one of the first to instruct these courses…tired of paying out time and money on the whim of the USCG.

They aren’t “dealing with the CG.” The Coast Guard isn’t approving VSO courses. Schools have to go to DNV, ABS or American Council on Education for approval.

[quote=franklnooner;14561]I think all you need to do is send your STCW to the USCG and have them put it on. Does anyone know anything more about this? No class or other hoops to jump through?
Here is the latest info from the NOLA REC Chief:

Good Afternoon,
We have received some additional guidance in regards to submitting sea service with VSO course certificates for VSO endorsements. Any licensed officer has had to have more than the minimum required sea service just by virtue of their license. i.e., you can’t be a third mate or a mate of anything without a minimum of one year sea service. Therefore, no sea service letters are required if you are already a licensed officer."

Nadine M. Theodore
Chief, New Orleans Regional Exam Center 4250 Hwy 22 Ste F Mandeville, LA 70471 Telephone Number: 985-624-5700 ext 756 Fax Number: 985-624-5757

to all,

good to see that Ms. Nadine is still arround…she once called me back on a saturday…very nice lady to deal with!

I had no idea all this was changing in July 2009. I was on a tug working above the arctic circle during this time to I guess I missed the memo. :mad:
NMC just told me over the phone that all I have to do is submit an application for the endorsement, but their checklist says it requires an approved course after July 1 2009. Also, my REC (Houston) is so chock full of retards and fuckups that they refuse to accept applications for endorsements without physicals and drug tests. I know this because I just got done fighting them for the 3000ton OSV endorsement they were supposed to give me but refused to. I’n the end I got it, but not after a lot of yelling and waving around of the CFR that specifically says “SHALL HAVE”… I’m going to talk to Houston Marine tomorrow about what my options are. I was told that Alford has an approved VSO course but it isnt on the NMC list… This has been 3 years of complete bullshit. I don’t even want my license anymore.

(Sorry to be such a complainer)

[I][quote=stevefoster;14673]… SeaSchool in Bayou La Batre is currently in the process of dealing with the CG to get certified to offer the class. If approved, they will be offering the classes in 6 to 8 weeks from now…[/quote][/I]

The Coast Guard is not approving the courses, they have to be accepted by a Coast Guard approved QSS organization (DNV, ABS, or ACE)