Voyage Planning and Electronic Navigation

I have been looking into taking this class, as I took ECDIS last year and have seen that taking ECDIS and VPEN within a year of each other satisfies the requirements for Advanced Navigation for chief mate master upgrades.

Do any of you guys have an interest in getting this VPEN class done in late March? After taking some classes at Quality Maritime in Tampa, George has said there is the possibility they could run this class. The other schools I see that have current approvals for this class are not offering it in the time frame that I need, or in the case of MITAGS it is being run concurrently with their ECDIS class as a package.

I need to do it before April because of work commitments, and that is when the 1 year time frame runs out for me, having taken the ECDIS class already in April 2011.

I took ECDIS last september and was planning to go in March for the advanced Nav. But you know, I have the cm/masters assessment book and that is all you really need. I am going to complete it on the ship. It’s a lot easier. Remember, the training facilities want you to believe you have to take the classes, they want your money.

Remember it ‘is tongue in cheek’… Sometimes