Voyage planning advice

Good Day Mates, I am writing a Voyage Plan for a 96’ Research Vessel that has just received a contract to do work in Brasil, Suriname and French Guyana in July, 2020. I have looked through past Logs and this vessel has worked as far South as Puerto Rico, which required 50% of on-board fuel for the trip. My initial thoughts are to re-fuel in PR and then head to Chaguaramas, Trinidad. After fueling and provisioning I thought we would head straight to Belem, Brasil, where we would clear customs and make whatever necessary documentations would be required. I have worked in Brasil years ago and, as I remember, the controlling Agency is the Captainia do Brasil.Is this whom I should contact now to begin the paperwork, or should I start with the Brasilian Embassy in Miami?

Also, I would like to plan for two suggestions (Emergency) Ports for unexpected problems with fuel and mechanics, (parts), so I have some places to head if needed after we depart PR.


There is some great restaurants and bars on the old wharf at Belem.

And Chaguaramas isn’t bad, either. . . .

Make sure you get some doubles while in Chaguaramas…damn things are deeeeeelish!!!

Rogo, Thanks!

moves pretty fast,

you don’t stop and look around once in a while,

just pass you by!