Virginia Beach Restaurants

I am going to be in Virginia Beach for 12 days for Advanced Cargo Handling at Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy in April and I need to know what are some of the local secrets for restaurants. Where to go and what to order. The last couple of times I hit the fast food joints, but I want to explore a little this time. Any suggestions will be appreciated


Not sure if it is still there. But, when I lived in that area a while back they had a seafood buffet restaurant called Fisherman’s Wharf located in the Norfolk area.

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Capt. Lee, All of the restaurants down on Rudee Inlet are great.(Big Sam’s, Rudee’s, etc.) One of my personal favorites is “The Waterman” thats close to the south end of Atlantic Ave(The ocean front). Another place up on LynnHaven is “Croakers”, Im not sure if thats still there as I havent been up that way in a few years. Thats close to little creek navy base. Hope this helps you out. Good luck!

Hear Hear to Big Sam’s , I ate there a couple of times (breakfast & lunch specials) while renting a room in a condo next door on Rudee’s Inlet last year. Spent a couple of months there but mostly ate microwave dinners since being unemployed. If you want something for lunch and like chinese there is a very good buffet, and reasonble too, just around the corner from MAMA on the east bound side of N Hampton. Starbucks just around the corner too on west bound N Hampton.
Ron Carroll

Sam’s is good! By looking at it from outside you wouldn’t think so but best tuna in town!

First night here and I go to a chain restaurant. The Bonefish. It was OK. The longfin entree was good. The Fried Oysters were small but good. The calamari was not great. The Key Lime pie was good. I am going to check out Lynnhaven Fish house Tuesday night.

Look for a place called the Kerr. That is where ll the Kerr-Boys hang out. LOL

Captain Lee, The Lynnhaven fish hose is a good choice! And as I said in the above posts I would try the Waterman! Its byfar the best in Va.Beach! If you try the Waterman ask for Mike Standing and tell him one of his nothern neck fishing buddies sent you! He is the owner.

Waterman’s for Wednesday night sounds great. It is a little bit of a drive from where I am, 18 miles, so I hope you are right.

Its well worth it! A little pricey but no more than Lynnhaven fish house! But what a few dollars to a big sea going captain like you!

Lynnhaven Fish House is a good choice, though I haven’t eaten there in years. Some other good choices…

  • CP Shuckers
  • Smokehouse Cooler
  • Zia Marie’s (good Italian)
  • Bubba’s
  • Chick’s (or Chix) Cafe
  • Mahi Mah’s
  • Hot Tuna

These are mostly along Shore Drive. There are plenty of good places in Rudee’s Inlet.

Lynnhaven Fish house was great. The Oyster Rockefeller was good. The Calamari was the best I have ever had that I can remember. The grilled Mahi was great and a baked sweet potato. I wanted to get the Belgian whiskey bread pudding but I just didn’t have the room for it. The owner of the place kept making rounds to all the tables and engaging people in conversation. There were a lot of locals there, which I took as a good sign. I will probably return there again before I leave.

I guess the cross dressing is starting to pay off. You’re beginning to sound like Rachael Ray.

Dang Lee, you are making me hungry. :smiley:

Waterman’s is in a great location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The food was good. I had Seared Sashimi with Wasabi, Crab Dip, Broiled Shrimp, Scallops, and Lump crab meat served with steamed vegetables. Key Lime Pie for dessert.

The food was good but I had a horrible waitress. Not very observant or attendant. Young and giggly. She was cute so I guess she thinks she can just giggle her way through life and she is probably right. Yes, I tipped her but I damn sure didn’t want to.

So far out of Aberdeen’s steakhouse, Bonefish, Waterman’s and Lynnhaven fish house…Lynnhaven fish house was the best overall. I am going for big Sam’s for Thursday night

Glad you enjoyed the food at the waterman. Big Sams is also good, kinda a dive place, but the food is good! I recomend the fresh blackened tuna if they have it fresh!

Culinary adventures with Capt. Lee…

Chick’s. Definitely Chicks. Great food. Reasonable prices. Excellent selection at the bar.

Quickwater- Chick’s sounds good for Friday night. It is closer to my hotel also. Thanks.

Big Sam’s was really good. 3 to 7 Happy hour. I had a dozen Steamed Oysters (50 cents a piece Happy Hour special) and Buffalo Shrimp for appetizers. The entree was a seafood platter that had fried clams, oysters, shrimp and the best crab cake I have ever had served with steamed spinach. Finished it off with a piece of Double chocolate pecan fudge pie.

I wound up going to Aberdeen Barn instead of Chic’s. It was really good but expensive. I had Oyster Rockefeller, 24oz Porterhouse with potato and Oreo Cream Pie for dessert. The steak was really good.