Victim of economy seeks employment!

I thought I was well on my way to an early semi-retirement at least. Oh well I “crunched the numbers” and there will not be any early retirement.

I am seeking offshore position as mate to start. I also will consider shorebase position as I have that experience as well. I can relocate.

MASTER:1600/3000tn, Master of Towing, oceans/western rivers, radar unltd
MMD:wiper, sd(fh), any unlic dk rating incl AB
TWIC, GMDSS, ARPA, MCP, VSO/CSO, TOAR/OSV assessor, Train the Trainer, NMC approved instructor.

Feel free to PM me if interested.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



where have you applied so far?

Anywhere you won’t work?


just began the quest…open to area of operation with the exception of Africa…prefer stateside or routed tows down south.

Seadawg, not sure if you are intersted in the Atlantic seaboard but you may try Vane Bros. in Baltimore. Its a 14 and 14 rotation good boats as they are in a very aggresive new build progam. Contact info on there web site. Ask for Tom Lamb or Kaitlynn Grasmick.


At least with all your licenses you’ll have a leg up:)

Let’s see- currently hiring mate or captain-off the top of my head…


J Ray Mcdermott

Dixie Offshore

Army Corp of Engineers

Kevin Gros Offshore

Ukpeagvic Inupiat -

American Commercial lines (I know a recruiter here)


And… I check the net for jobs several times a day- so look at “The maritime Job Leads Thread”

I’ll keep an eye open for you…

I just had a buddy with 1600 Master near coastal / 1600 mate oceans get hired back on with Seacor and is headed to Brazil working even time.

OS & Jemplayer

Thank you, I appreciate the leads…will check out NOAA & the Corp for employment.

OS…are the ACL positions for offshore or inland??never worked in the inland towing industry…FYI I can recommend the AB position at Dixie (Kirby) when and if it comes available, but the mate’s position is not for everyone…Dixie runs that NOLA ad for mate most of the year and they have only 4 units…they have well maintained but aged equipment, small well oiled division, nice office crew, good benefits.

Jemplayer…thank you for the lead…while I have worked the “patch” in the past would like to avoid the schedule cuts, pay cuts, layoffs and all the associated office stress every time the Oil Companies cry “the sky is falling”…that said I will credit the “patch” with one good attribute that I have always been able to secure some type employment when in need…it is just hard to consider the “patch” viable employment for the mariner…jmho.

again…THANK YOU! to both


THANK YOU for the lead…I am indeed interested…Have read about them in the “trades”…will definitely follow up.

anyone else out in cyberland care to OBJECTIVELY comment further re: Vane Bros. Towing?