V.Ships launches a new jobs site

V.Ships and V.Group have launched a new job site <A href="http://www.vmanpower.com]www.vmanpower.com</A> listing their latest shore technical, energy and shipping jobs.<br><br>Over the coming months the number of jobs appearing in the list will increase as more of the shipping vacancies are posted live.<br><br>You can apply directly to a job by submitting your CV and email details, or prospectively to the offices by using the standard application form : <A href="http://applicant.vships.com/CrwApplicant/Scripts/NewApplicantStep1.asp]<br>http://applicant.vships.com/CrwApplicant/Scripts/NewApplicantStep1.asp</A><br><br>V.Ships is always recruiting qualified: Officers and Ratings across all departments and vessel types.<br><br>We look forward to you visiting the site.<br>