UTI Commercials

Completely non-maritime related I know but this is something that drives me nuts. Why is it that on the UTI commercials the guy is walking through the whole damn thing? Really is it for dramatization or something? Completely unnecessary. Granted, just like me, he needs to do some walking but still…WTF?!?

Whoops, thought you were talking about a different UTI from the thread title.

Those commercials irritate me as well. Can’t stand it!

I made a game out of the commercial. Every time the camera changes watch the red shop rag and safety glasses. They appear and disappear randomly. I call it out loud. My kids get a kick out of it.

That’s nothing.

Those catheter commercials are a bit much.

In fact, some AB asked me if I was Catheter.

I straightened him out.

Its always interesting to meet some new colleagues and start wondering if they read, and post, on gCaptain. And, if they do, who they are.

Yeah I’ve been “outed” a couple times. This is a popular forum. I wish more people would actually post up.

I pretty much hide in plain sight myself. +1 on more people posting up.

Most people figure out who I am when they see me busting out the go pro and ask about videos. Then I show them on and they say “oh your that young guy on gcaptain”