USS Cleveland Launch Mishap

What happened here? Or rather, what was the plan?


Some classic comments under that article.


FOX 11 News’ report on the launch:

Nothing said about any mishap.

This was the last side launch to be performed at this yard. to end “the way ships have been launched for millennials” (??)

I was of the impression that “sliding down the ways” was the common way ships had been launched, at least for the last few centuries":

The earliest way was to roll the ships on logs, like they still do in Bjøkedalen:

Source: Intangible Cultural Heritage Boat pulling at Bjørkedalen (

This method has been revived when the Chinese introduced the “sausages rolls” :sweat_smile:

It was worth the time just to read the comments.

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The LCS program was a colossal mistake by the Navy. Along with the rest of the LCS fleet, USS Cleveland will soon be decommissioned.


Well, for “millennials” that might be correct. :wink: I think most yards in the last 23 years have been doing side launches (or float offs).

But yeah, if that was a typo then someone didn’t do their research.

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“A side launch, like you saw behind you, is the way that human beings have been launching ships literally for millennia, it was the first way a large vessel could be launched… but for the building of a modern warship that leaves quite a bit to be desired,” says Fincantieri CEO, Mark Vandroff.