USNS Cherokee Nation (T-ATS 7) naming ceremony

The U.S. Navy and The Cherokee Nation christened the newest towing and rescue ship, the USNS Cherokee Nation (T-ATS 7) on Saturday.
The ship was named in honor of all Cherokee citizens who served in the Navy and Marine Corps.

For those who don’t want to miss anything from the event:


Finished a Native American humanities class last semester. Learned about the good and bad history of these people from human sacrifices, genocide, thanksgiving hoax, pocahontas rape, pilgrims to the Navajo Code Talkers of WW2 and Crazy Horse’s monument in South Dakota. Incredible underrated history. I am happy they are getting recognition through ship names that is vital to our economy and national security.


Pocahontas is actually the Powhatan word for spoiled brat. Her real name was Amonute. Being a Chief’s daughter, one can see how she got the nickname.

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Long may she sail, fair winds and good tides.

I know we went over this when the Navejo Nation was launched but I still don’t understand what good that bow fendering is going to do when the bulb is about even with the bow.

By all accounts It’s a design from the 90’s. Sure there are a lot of other design goods besides the bow fendering.

Based on Vik & Sandvik (now Wartsila) VS 4612 design from mid/late 1990’s:

Lot morte here:

I didn’t see what engines or the HP.

Approx. 15,000 hp ?

176 short tons of bollard pull is big, but not huge.

DP 2

15 knots light boat. The nozzles must slow her down.

Diesel: Wartsila 2 x 8L32 at 6308 Hp Each, total 9,408 KW (12,618 HP)

BP “rule of thumb”; 12618 x 1.23/100 = 155,2 m.t. (w/kort nozzles)

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