USNS Bowditch in the News

Well it’s from CNN so I doubt it’s “fake” news. Looks like the USNS Bowditch has been tangling with the Chinese in the South China Sea.

Pentagon demands China return US underwater drone

(CNN)The Pentagon is demanding that China return an “unlawfully seized” underwater drone after a Chinese warship took the device from waters near a US oceanographic vessel.

“We call upon China to return our UUV immediately, and to comply with all of its obligations under international law,” Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said in a statement, using the abbreviation for “unmanned underwater vehicle.”

In the latest encounter in international waters in the South China Sea region, the USNS Bowditch was sailing about 100 miles off the port at Subic Bay when the incident occurred, according to the official.

Bowditch had stopped in the water to pick up two underwater drones. At that point a Chinese naval ship that had been shadowing the Bowditch put a small boat into the water. That small boat came up alongside and the Chinese crew took one of the drones.

The US got no answer from the Chinese on the radio when it said the drone was American property, the official said.

As they turned away, the Chinese did come up on the radio and indicated they were returning to their own operations.

US oceanographic research vessels are often followed in the water under the assumption they are spying. In this case, however, the drone was simply measuring ocean conditions, the official said.

Although it’s unclear what the motivation was for the Chinese, the seizing of the drone comes on the heels of other provocative incidents that have happened since President-elect Donald Trump received a congratulatory call with Taiwan’s President, a violation of the US’s agreement with China’s “One China policy”. China publicly voiced their disapproval of that incident and contacted the White House at the time.[/QUOTE]

And the Navee is going to hold its breath until it gets its toy back from the mean commies!

Did anyone really think the Chinese would say “so soolly-here is your property”. Maybe in a few months and completely disassembled.
If the Chinese were that close, it would have been obvious they wanted it. That’s what they do. Anyone remember the Navy P-3 incident a few years back? I think we got the plane back about a year later. Without the crypto equipment.

Yeah… finger quotes measuring ocean conditions… wink wink nod nod

The real question though… wouldn’t this actually be a case of piracy on the high seas by taking a “vessel” in (disputably) International Waters?

Which is why these unmanned state of art systems should have a self destruct or scuttle mechanism to prevent these incidents.

[QUOTE=salt’n steel;193436]Which is why these unmanned state of art systems should have a self destruct or scuttle mechanism to prevent these incidents.[/QUOTE]

Yeah and all those Norwegian autonomous ships too!

The Chinese are really worried by Barry. Just like Putin make a threat than go golfing in Hawaii.