Chinese vessel looking for seamounts

A Chinese survey ship has been surveying along the Kyushu-Palau Ridge, part of which is within Palau’s EEZ:.

PS> Not inside Palau territorial waters.

Could they be looking for seamounts in preparation for Chinese submarines operating in the area?
Not a bad idea if you intend to send your subs that way, I believe.


Probably would have been good if the US had done this too before they ran the Connecticut into one.

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Maybe the seamount that USS Connecticut hit was inside somebody’s EEZ?

The US Navy think that doing bathymetric survey in somebody’s EEZ is against UNCLOS.
They wouldn’t break any laws, would they??

The navy just demonstrated its seamount location technique. The Chinese use less expensive methods.


I hope they took a fix so nobody else will hit that seamount.

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Dream on. The PLAN People’s Liberation Army Navy will use it for their advancement and benefit, and hope
for everybody elso to strike the u/w objects.

I think he meant “hope the USS Connecticut took a fix” :slightly_frowning_face:
Whether they shear the position with others?
Probably within the US Navy but not with the PLAN. (Hoping that they hit it as well)