USNS Artctic missing $350,000 in cash

I can only image the knee jerk reaction by the USN, COMSC and the taking heads in Virginia Beach…

Many heads should roll but they won’t of course…

One thing for certain is this BOZO the Fillipino needs to become very anally abused in some supermax Federal Prison

Yeah, more credit card training, more quarterly MWR financial reports. Everyone can sleep well again.

Ole boy thought he was gonna go home and live like a king in the PI…350k can go a long way there.

Instead he’ll have a hot date with the Grey Bar hotel.

No pity for this fool.

Years ago on one MSC ship overseas the registered US mail came in late in the day.

The purser, a generally agreeable sort, had gone ashore for the weekend, perhaps in the search for a replacement doll. So in the absence of instructions to the contrary, the mail bags were dumped in front of the Purser’s office, where they remained nicely sealed for the weekend, in full view of all those passing to and fro.

On Monday morning it was joyfully discovered (by at least two persons aboard) that there was still the full amount $565,000 in cash in those bags … Can’t speak for how the rest of us felt…

Now everyone knows how much money we carry around. Probably going to get held up by a couple of E1s from the DDG across the way.

Years ago, the Junior Purser on my ship was sent to the airport in Palma de Majorca in the ship’s rental car to get the mail. He got the mail and got drunk for the weekend. Got rolled, lost the car and the mail. I think he was promoted shortly thereafter.

An aircraft carrier bi-weekly payroll is over 2 million. They pay out in cash via ATMs on the ship. Imagine what they have in the safe. That’s a lot of lettuce.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

I was told they let this guy sit in the pool while the investigation was underway. What does it take to put in jail these days?

No, he was sent to a ship.

No surprise.