Naval officer falls for Nigerian email scam

Interesting post from Fred Fry’s Maritime Monday 66:

<span style=“font-weight: bold]The Stupid Shall be Punished</span> has the arrest
of the Disbursing Officer of the USS McCLUSKY who managed to steal
$140,000 from the vessel’s safe over the course of ten months in
pursuit of a Nigeria email scam. [STORY LINK](” title="Nigerian Email Scam)

A Navy officer has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for stealing
up to $140,000 from the safe aboard his San Diego-based ship to pay
debts racked up through an Internet scam.

Lt. Milton Guy pleaded
guilty to charges of wrongful appropriation, making a false official
statement and dereliction of duty, during a court-martial June 26 in
San Diego…

…Guy, 29, was the disbursing officer aboard the
frigate McClusky. He oversaw the ship’s petty cash, much of it earned
through sales of items in the ship’s store…