USMMA student, 20, strangles mom

A US Merchant Marine Academy student is approaching trial in Indiana for allegedly strangling his mother after she handed him an eviction notice that requested that he find a job and keep his room and common areas of their home clean.

Conner Kobold, 20, admitted to the heinous crime as soon as police arrived in February at the Valparaiso home he shared with his mother Shanelle Burns.

He reportedly told officers he “killed somebody” and told them where they could find his mother clinging to life before asking to be handcuffed.

Why he was living at home at the time of the tragedy or whether he had dropped out of the school is not clear. The USMMA did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Kobold does have a history of mental health issues — he told a judge in February that he had been an inpatient in two mental health facilities and seen five different therapists, the Chicago Tribune reported.

He attempted to represent himself in court, telling the judge that the “only person who can explain what happened and why it happened is myself.” Kobold was appointed a public defender in April.

He has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated battery and murder in connection to his mother’s death.

He’s messy, doesn’t want a full time job with mental health & anger issues. Dude has too much of what it takes to be a successful mariner.


But KP took him with open arms!


I want to know how he got into KP with that background. Wouldn’t he not be cleared for a medical if he’s had in-patient psych treatment?

Article made me sick. Wtf

The NY Post article referred to him as an Ex-USMMA student. If his mother told him to find a job and was trying to evict him, he likely dropped out for any number of reasons. I believe he was in the class of 2026.

He quit the first week of indoc. Good riddance. And agree,., how he got through vetting is beyond me. …

Quit the first week…hardly a student in my book. I would say family connections and influence is how he got in. Got in and immediately washed out.

Yep, all the more reason why, if the place is not shut down, applications for attendance should be limited to existing mariners who have at least some degree of experience in the industry and have already been anal probed with documents to prove it.

The kids who want to play soldier can apply to the real military academies where ring-knocking and campaign contributions matter.


exactly this guy is an ideal student for KP and employee for the fleet.

I know its anidoctial but never seen a KP grad lose control of themselves so much that they became physical. Unless you count a KP 2M who would hotbox a cigarette so hard when he was mad it seemed he could smoke a cig with just 2 inhales? Those KP guys are defective one way or another like most of us but no violence from my experiences. On another note, I’ve read a few real estate books & recall hearing the advice of giving eviction notices via mail or posting on the door when no one was home. Probably not a good idea to give bad evals to new guys by yourself either if you suspect they’ve been locked up in a nuthouse before.

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Mysterious crime of passion, there is a high chance he will get a pass for this by reason of insanity.

Definitely a nutcase, but no free pass for killing your own mother . I suspect these mental problems were either not disclosed or happened after his departure from KP… Am sure if they were disclosed on original application to KP, way too many red flags would have been waving as opposed to the other more qualified students.

I doubt if he was not suffering from an illness he would request a free pass.No sane person kills their mom unless she’s some evil bitch. Mental illness exists, the crime is not recognising it and being able to get treatment. Now the ill are locked up with the hard core criminals. Law enforcement and correction folks will tell you it’s not their job to treat the mentally ill.

I respect many of your opinions Tengineer1. His mom did lhe best she could to help him succeed in life. I wonder while in prison what his reaction will be when a cellmate says “Clean your room”.

Crime of passion, he could get off with manslaughter or some derivative and only do a few years of actual time.

WTF does that mean? He obviously qualified for admission. Is there some secret standard used to rate students that only parents with a decoder ring can access?

KP’s admissions process is similar to all the other service academies.

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He has no idea how the admissions process works.

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