USMMA Just Got $54m for Campus Renovations

[B]U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $54 Million for Merchant Marine Academy Campus Renovations, Next Step for Strategic Plan[/B]

KINGS POINT, N.Y. – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood took part in a town hall meeting today with midshipmen, faculty and staff at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, to announce $54 million for additional campus construction and renovations. While at the Academy, he also announced the next step in the Academy’s strategic planning process, which will help prioritize improvements for the school’s long-term future.

       “The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is one of my top  priorities,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “The improvements  we’ve already made and the new renovations announced today are an  important step. Together with the strategic plan, they will help ensure  the Academy’s success well into the future.”

       During his visit, Secretary LaHood outlined construction and  improvement projects planned for the current year, including the  renovation of Delano Hall and repairs to Mallory Pier. The Academy’s  electrical system, dating to its founding in the 1940s, will also be  updated, among other improvements.

Since FY2009, the Administration has requested and Congress has appropriated more than $300 million for the Academy, which includes $239 million for operations and $61 million for capital improvements – including $23 million last year, the most funding ever secured for physical improvements at the Academy.

       The Secretary also announced the next step in the Academy’s  strategic planning process, encouraging midshipmen, faculty and staff to  provide their feedback beginning with a survey this week. First  announced in January, the strategic plan will serve to help prioritize  investments and help the Academy provide a first-class education for  future Kings Point midshipmen.

       “Everyone will have a chance to add their thoughts to the  strategic planning process,” Secretary LaHood said. “But no one knows  the Academy better than its midshipmen, faculty and staff, which is why  we’re starting the process with them.”

       Led by acting Superintendent Dr. Shashi Kumar and Secretary  LaHood, the Strategic Planning process will involve a comprehensive  outreach effort that will include input from students and faculty as  well as alumni, maritime industry representatives and other Academy  stakeholders. The plan is scheduled to be completed before the start of  the next school year and will address issues such as the Academy’s  statutory mission, the needs of the maritime industry and American  higher education accreditation expectations. The process will be led by a  steering committee made up of a cross-section of midshipmen, faculty  and staff at the Academy, as well as U.S. Department of Transportation  and Maritime Administration leadership.

This is the equivalent of an obscene gesture made by MarAd in the face of all Americans. What the hell gives Ray LaHood such a major woodie when in comes to KP anyway? You’d have thought he was a card carrying member of the la Famiglia…oops, sorry I mean KP alumni. I’ve said it here before but MarAd’s position is that "we must keep on wasting money at KP because they have wasted so much money there already. Just keep shovelling it into the vast gaping hole in the hope that someday it will be filled in to the top, but because that septic pit only grows larger by the year, no amount of money borrowed from the Chinese will ever do the job. My God how this is beginning to reek of feces!

$300M spent in only three years! MY GOD, how much has already been stolen there to date? The Goddamned GAO need to go back and this time really find out how horrendous the corruption is there! Where in the name of Christ is all that money? In who’s bank account did it go? Who in the USMMA Administration there received kickbacks? For the love of God, somebody at the House Infrastructure and Transportation Committee must have a conscience and a pair of balls? Demand fiscal accountability? Send people to prison! THIS INSANITY MUST BE BROUGHT TO AN END!

Btw, I m rested now from my long squawk Mr. jdcavo…I am feeling a bit peckish though and thinking a little fermented curd will do the trick :wink:


You really don’t like USMMA, do you C. Capt?

Regardless, like it or not, the school will be around for some time to come.

Try not to dwell on that Capt C. It will only make your crazy (crazier?)

C.captain … The problem is you are actually trying to make sense of something the government does. It only makes sense from a purely political sense. Once a gov. Weenie reaches the level of actually being able to affect things then their sole focus is to either hold on to the power they have acquired or to acquire more. Usually both.

You really don’t like USMMA, do you C. Capt?

dya think!

Regardless, like it or not, the school will be around for some time to come.

Most likely, but there is always a chance that the putrifying rot will eventually become so foul that it will be eventually be smelled in the US Congress which will take some doing since the Capitol stinks like a dairy farm after a heavy rain in July.

Try not to dwell on that Capt C. It will only make your crazy (crazier?)

My prescription of those magical little pink pills runs out soon…I’ve got to call Dr. McCoy and have him get another dumptuck load for me. God help everyone’s souls if I run out and end up going cold turkey without them. The last time there were unidentified body parts found in the most amazing of places. Luckily my attorney got me off on a technicality. Isn’t our legal system just grand!

C.capt after reading your threads I can see why you have so much time on your hands. You have got to be the whinniest pos on board. Thank god I never served with you, and my prayers go out to those that have.



[QUOTE=captnzar;68710]Thank god I never served with you, and my prayers go out to those that have.[/QUOTE]

my dearest captainonly2teenytinyposts…

and eff you too!

btw, do you really want to wind me up all over again on this subject? You know I never ever tire of thrashing KP and am well rested up since the last go-round here so would love to go another 10 rounds with you or any other featherweight contender.

Yesss! It’s been quite for to long around here. Popcorn is popping now!!

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;68739]Yesss! It’s been quite for to long around here. Popcorn is popping now!![/QUOTE]

Nice to be able to count on my loyal supporters and fellow brother mariners…one of which I know is actually be KP’er himself! They aren’t all sycophantic zombies from some Michael Jackson video even though Captain kenneth R. Force USMS does a pretty awesome “moonwalk”!

Let’s see now if el capitano mini peepee comes back. I hope he does so your popcorn doesn’t go to waste.Ryan

I have a feeling it will. I think he’ll only post up one more time then off to the black hole with the others.

First of all, I did not attend King’s Point. I’ve never been on campus, and I don’t know anything specific about KP. Of course, I do know some people who did go to Kings Point (and people from every other maritime academy as well).

I have not been paying attention to academies, so I am not familiar with the facts and circumstances surrounding the recent allegations of scandal and corruption at KP. Apparently, an investigation is in order, if not already underway.

If Kings Point is anything like any other government program that I have seen in operation, then undoubtedly it wastes a lot of money, and produces very modest results in relation to the expenditures. Unfortunately, this is the fundamental nature of bureaucracy. Most government programs are victims of endemic incompetency, waste, and corruption — at least I’m convinced of that much.

Should government spend the taxpayers money to subsidize on the one hand, and choke to death with over regulation on the other hand, virtually every facet of American life? Is it a legitimate federal function to spend the taxpayers money to operate KP and to very heavily subsidize six state run maritime academies? At least, it makes more sense and wastes a lot less money than subsidizing all those “farmers” who live in Beverly Hills and NYC. At least it makes more sense than subsidizing the oil companies, the banks, and Wall Street. If any of us were handed a magic wand that would eliminate wasteful government spending and corruption in any three government agencies of our choice, none of us would waste a choice on Marad or the maritime academies. We would find ourselves in a “target rich environment” and we’d all have plenty of bigger fish to fry.

Although US maritime education needs drastic modernization, and urgently needs substantially improved quality — comparable to the quality at the best schools in Europe, I think it would be penny wise and pound foolish over the long run to shutdown Kings Point and yank the subsidies out from under the state schools. (The government would only waste any savings on some other pork barrel program).

I took a quick look at the KP website. I was surprised, and very pleased, to see that Shashi Kumar is now the Acting Superintendent. I do know Shashi, or I should say that I use to know him 20 years ago. He is a bona fide professional mariner with actual experience sailing as Master on merchant ships. He has a very well informed world view of shipping at every level — and he’s a super smart guy. (Check out his bio on the KP web page). He seems to me like exactly the right sort of man to reform KP and US maritime education.

Unfortunately, knowing how our government far too often operates, I suspect that they will more likely chose some political hack that happens to be an alumni (and needs a job).

If they put somebody like Shashi in charge at Kings Point, and give him a free hand to reform and improve quality, I’m willing to support more funding for KP and to give it another chance.

I neither know your age, ryanwood86, nor your maritime experiences. I do know, however, c.captain’s age and his vast maritime experiences. He has my sincere respect, you see, ryanwood86, both c.captain and I are US Merchant Seamen, c.captain is still at sea, I’m retired after 4 decades at sea, ending my years as Chief Engineer, Steam/Motor, Unlimited HP, aboard deep draft cargo vessels, c.captain holds a current USCG License as Master, any tonnage, with some other important attributes tossed-in. As I enter these words c.captain is engaged with his responsibilities as Captain. Now about this remark you posted, ryanwood86, “I think he’ll only post up one more time then off to the black hole with the others,” Off to the black hole, you say? Just what black hole, and, who are “the others?” KP is no longer the US Merchant Marine Academy I knew five decades ago. Buster you are communicating with very capable Merchant Seamen on this forum - and you just showed your ass. It is you who will be heading to the black hole and soon - and well you should.

Do all you ancients comprehend as poorly as you and c.capt? Ryan was actually agreeing with your man crush…buster.

I’ll post my real name, rigdvr, my name is John O’Brien, class of 62. Who are you, buster?

Way past time to either change KP or shut it down. How about taking a good look at all our posts, buster.

Something your dear man crush won’t do…can you still not see that you opened mouth and inserted foot by jumping Ryan for agreeing with C.capt (who won’t name himself…but I know a secret)

I’ve read them. When not jerking off over each others resumes and posts, you fail to realize respect is not earned through post numbers or even simply age. C.capt has been run off 100% more jobs than me this year…respect that.

So, WTF are you … this is the age of FaceBook