USMMA Announces International Master of Science Program in Marine Engineering

United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point delivers on an innovative and much-needed graduate program. The first class is graduating June 22; eight (8) graduates are expected. All working engineers, six are in the marine industry and two are in the shore-side power industry.

The challenge in today’s global maritime world is increasing daily. The need for highly educated marine engineers that can provide solutions to the many emerging challenges is great. Secure your future today by enrolling in the United States Merchant Marine Academy’s International Master of Marine Engineering degree program. Benefit from our faculty of maritime experts without having to leave your computer. Today’s mobile society demands that top notch education be available to you where ever you are. This is why the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy has developed a distance learning Master’s program.
We deliver leading edge tools and skills that most successful global maritime companies are looking for. Be at the forefront of the newest technologies and emerging concepts. Candidates come to us with undergraduate educations in the fields of marine engineering, naval architecture, mechanical, electrical or nuclear engineering. The door to a stimulating and secure future career awaits you.

The Core Program

The program has been carefully designed to blend theory and application in a manner that enhances learning and develops skills in creative thinking.

The 36-credit, distance-learning program is composed of a 21 credit core curriculum, augmented by 15 elective credits.
The required 3-credit courses include:
• Computational Methods • Thermal System Design and Optimization • Advanced Marine Power Plants • Advanced Marine Materials • Electrical Power Systems • Internal Combustion Engine Analysis and New Technologies • Marine Industry Policy

Elective Possibilities

Taught by seasoned marine engineering experts, the course discussion and analysis encompasses new technologies and emerging concepts. The following 3-credit electives are among those initially offered and address current and future needs of the marine industry: • Marine Propulsion Systems • Hydrostatics and Basic Hydrodynamics • Power Electronics and Applications • Control Theory and PLC Applications • Marine Electrical Systems and Propulsion • Alternative Marine Power Production • Reliability Engineering and Operations Research • LNG Vessel Operations and Design Considerations • Vibration of Marine Machinery and Structures • Management of Shipbuilding and Repair • Thesis/Design Project 1 • Thesis/Design Project 2

The following quotes suggest the depth of interest our students find in being part of the constantly growing global maritime industry. “While I enjoy the physical engineering part of my career, I want to be part of something that improves not just the single operating vessel, but perhaps a company’s fleet of vessels and possibly even bigger.” “I want to be a more knowledgeable person with regard to marine engineering and possibly be able to present the knowledge that I have/will gain to others.” For consideration for the MMarE program, applicants must submit the following:
• MMarE Program Application Form
• Undergraduate Engineering Transcript
• Graduate Record Exam Results*
• Two (2) completed personal recommendation forms including one from an undergraduate engineering professor and one from a supervisor or employer.
• International applicants from non-English speaking countries must submit TOEFL scores.
• Non-refundable application fee check, $125.00 made out to the NAFI-Fiscal Control.
*The GRE examination is waived if the candidate is a graduate of an ABET/EAC accredited undergraduate engineering program and or possesses a license as a Professional Engineer or Merchant Marine Chief Engineer. The MMarE Admissions Committee will act on applications on a rolling basis commencing in January of the admission year and will notify candidates of early admission decisions as appropriate. All candidates will be notified of the committee’s decision by July 1 of the admission year.

The Human Resource Advantages of the Merchant Marine Academy Program MMarE.

Many professionals are ambitious and want to use education to enhance their careers. For marine engineering professionals, the Master of Marine Engineering Degree (MMarE) from the US Merchant Marine Academy can open a pathway to a better paying and more secure future, including opportunities outside the marine professions. This distance learning program uses a combination of synchronous (live video conferencing) and asynchronous (pre-recorded material) techniques for students who have the use of appropriate home or office computers. For more information on the Masters Program and tuition and cost please visit our website:
Our Superb Faculty is Internationally Recognized.

The United States Merchant Marine Academy is a Federal Academy, with approval from Congress, and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Engineering Department has 23 full-time, tenure track faculty. Additionally practicing engineers are used to teach some MMarE courses. The MMarE faculty is internationally recognized for their breadth and depth of marine engineering knowledge and their excellence in teaching.