USMMA and Coast Guard Professors Rated Worst in the Country [REPORT]

[QUOTE=Jetryder223;108987]Great post KPGulfer.

I go to a state academy and have no ill will against any of the other maritime schools. Perhaps I have a twinge of resentment that I will graduate with student debt - but I don’t blame the KP midshipmen for that.

I would have loved to have gone to KP for free - but alas, there’s an old, insignificant, hickup in my medical profile that would have barred entrance.

It is what it is.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Jetryder, its good to know not all in the industry hate me behind my back for being a KPer, or at least I hope. :o

Gee, they beat out Castine? They must have really worked hard to do that.

“Don’t hate me because I am beautiful”

(Shampoo commercial from years back)

My 1st Post…68 KP Grad - sailed for 25 years - 18 as Master - and now have been involved in Martime Training for the past 20 - currently at STAR Center for past 14 years. Even as an Alumni I would have to agree with most of the feelings and opinions posted here…including the closing of KP…the current “management” - from MARAD, DOT on down to the PHONY Admiral - COL Helis - is pretty much proof positive of this opinion. I have heard substantial rumors that KP may be “incorporated” into the USCGA - what used to be a KP Graduate Program has already been incorporated there.

[QUOTE=cmakin;107707]Sorta like Mississippi and literacy. . . .

On a side note, go read the article and check out some of the comments. . . . .often times the comments are far better than the stories themselves. . .[/QUOTE]

I am seriously offended by that!

As a born and bred Mississippian (or whatever I’m supposed to call myself) I take immense pride in MS being first at being last in practically everything.

Right now I am having trouble sleeping at night b/c we dropped to #2 on the obesity rankings… For the first time in eight years, Mississippi no longer has the highest rate. At 34.7 percent, Louisiana is at the top, followed closely by Mississippi at 34.6 percent.

I think the polls were rigged. I just might have to move back and start gorging myself so we can get back that tenth of a percentage point… AND MORE.

[QUOTE=TunaTom;107830]I would bet that the instructors at Kings Point are NOT the worst in the country, nor are they close to that distinction (they are government employees so it is possible, but I don’t think they are the root of this ignoble #1 ranking). You want to find out what stinks like an over-flowing latrine in the Louisiana summer?? Look no further than those little snot-nosed snobes that wrote those reviews.

Yeah, my money is on those precious free-loafing pretend-to-be future mariners who are getting a no-cost liberal business edcation on the taxpayers’ dime, and “surprisely” believe themselves to be divinely better than “any sucker who has to pay to go to college” or “any instructor who has to teach for a living”. These kids haven’t worked for what they have; they likely don’t know how to work for what they need; they focus their self-absorbed personalities on struting around campus and Steamboat Road like little gold-plated cock-a-doos; they have never had their butts paddled for their crappy conduct, insolence or arrogance; they can’t understand anything that is beyond their nose; and they don’t like it when instructors or staff hold them accountable for watever it is they are to be accountable for (say, honor, integrity, attitude, aptitude, studying, doing assignd tasks, et cetera).

So after they complete the class and chage diapers, they sit down and write some crappy comments on their instructors just to get back at these big bad people. Make all these USMMA students commit to 4 years of ACTIVE duty in the military after graduation, and I’ll bet all these tin-plated cock-a-doos (as well as most of the other business and pre-law Kings Pointers) will pack up their bags and bail out of there faster than a bag full of oiled marbles rolling off a frozen deck.[/QUOTE]

hey tuna,

i went to KP and i can’t stand the place for my own reasons. finished in 4 yrs and never been back. still shipping out nearly 20yrs later.
i didn’t spend my time “struting around campus and Steamboat Road like little gold-plated cock-a-doos.” where do you get this stuff?

does generalizing every little thing you don’t like about a person or two allow you to brand everybody else? i’ve sailed with several super p%$ck mates / engineers from every school (including my own) and hawsepiper backgrounds, but don’t label a whole group based on a few bad experiences.

3rd ship as a cadet was heavy A&M and they were ALL d#@ks from the first meal i attended. didn’t sit to well with me, but i just did my best, and kept my mouth shut. and it just so happens that one of the best captains i ever sailed with was a 78 A&M grad who sailed as Capt for nearly 30 yrs before he just retired last month. he was great to work with and work for, and i learned a lot from him about professionalism as well as seamanship and being a good shipmate.

if i had your kind of attitude, he would have been an A&M a#$hole from moment one.

if you that have much energy to rant about KP, then use it to call MARAD and express your opinions as a taxpayer.

oh yeah, please tell my parents how free KP was. They would love for you to reimburse them the approximate $5000 that it cost for plebe year, plus the other 3 yrs. that was a mountain of money for them. can you do that for me?

I hope you feel you’ve gotten enough out of this " free-loafing pretend-to-be future mariners" based on your tax dollars.