Useful Word: "kaputtsparen"

Learned it today. German term for “save money on maintenance until stuff breaks.”




Germans seem to have a word for everything. Depending on the system, it could also be described as “saving in the wrong place” - do the Germans have a word for that as well?

However, Finnish has a word for “drinking alcohol alone at home in your underwear without the intention of going out”. Even the Germans can only shorten it to “Sich alleine zu Hause in Unterhosen betrinken”…

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Kaputtsparen seems like it would be an upper level word for the crew. I looked up it and the word kaput in English is considered a slang word.

I can see kaput could be useful as it is more specific then the common “fucked up”

Chief: “Have you guys figured out what’s wrong with that pump yet?”

Disgruntled First: “Yeah, it’s fucked up.”

Chief: Ok, have you figured out how to unfuck it?"

Disgruntled First: “Not gonna happen chief, it’s kaput.”

Chief: “Kaputtsparen strikes again”


I’ve got to run this one by my son the German language teacher!

I can shorten that just fine. “Thursday”