Useful AI-driven software for mariners

Lots of companies are toting “AI Powered” software solutions in the marine-space, but I’m not sure how useful or mariner-facing (used in actual shipboard life) any of these products are (every ship I’ve been on seems to slide back to running on excel and Waypoint for Windows). Generative AI can be very helpful in dealing with lots of text, and the modern ship’s officer deals with a lot of text (too much) – so if you could have an AI solution tailored exactly to your vessel’s workflow, a little oracle in your computer that could take hours of daily computer work off of your plate, what would it help you with?

  1. Preparation of port documents and crew paperwork?
  2. Help sort CFR/regulatory questions?
  3. Help parse your SMS? Planned maintenance?
  4. Payroll?

Anytime you’ve said, “not this shit again”, AI can help you avoid in the future. If you’ve got a bunch of data from previous instances, AI can manage it faster and more reliably than you.

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