USCG Proceedings Fall issue -STCW supplemental NPRM

Did anyone take a look at some of the items listed and the possible impact to the mariners, cost etc.I clipped the section from page 100 and maybe its time to get some feedback generated before the NPRM hits the street. I read that BST was going to be mandatory every five years. I knew engineering changes were coming. Anyway food for thought, there is the phrase “may involve” which always scares me because it seems it always will involve.

STCW Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

A supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking more fully implementing the 1995 amendments to STCW
may be published. The rulemaking would propose extensive changes to 46 CFR Subchapter B to continue to
give full and complete effect to the 1995 amendments. It incorporates lessons learned since the publication of
the interim STCW rule on June 26, 1997 (62 FR 34505), and it attempts to clarify regulations that have generated
confusion within the industry.

Some of the most important changes proposed may involve:

· the requirements for attaining competence as a person in charge of medical care and as a
medical first aid provider,

· training school and approved course requirements,

· acceptance of military sea service and training to qualify for an STCW endorsement,

· basic safety training requirements,

· application of STCW to mariners serving on vessels of less than 200 gross register tons
(GRT) / 500 gross tonnage (GT) on international voyages,

· deck and engineer officer requirements·

equivalencies between GRT and GT for use only with issuance of mariner credentials,

· ratings requirements.

Can you post the excerpts?

We need more regulation. We need more classes. We need more medical screening. We need more testing. We need more security… US flag shipping is being regulated right out of existence.

here is the link
the issue is to big to cut and paste. The magazine is a good publication and filled with good info. I wish there was more on where the uscg is going with the NPRM especially the near coastal, domestic lower tonnage licenses and possibly imposing stcw oicnw requirements.

Yeah, The Proceedings is always a great source of information!