US Shipping Company

Looking for any information regarding employment and contact information with US Shipping as an officer. I would be more interested in the tug fleet. I am aware that you must join SIU upon completion of you first rotation. Thanks.

US Shippings officers are all AMO which you will join prior to heading out to your first vessel. as far as employment I can tell you things are very slow right now and there isnt a whole lot of choice its pretty much where they need you. If you would like you can message me on here and I can provide you with some more information.

Sparky nailed it on the head. You can also PM me if you need any information as well.

I am new to the feild, am i just dont know where to go from here to fine work. I am a ordinary seaman. I would be greatful if i would get some direction.
my name is Craig Keeler