US military recruitment problems

“it is the ability to break down complicated tasks into manageable pieces and training people to do them”

AND, the unforgettable “Army teaching method” (as our ROTC Sgt explained it): “We tell you what we’re gonna teach you. Then we teach it to you. Then we tell you what we taught you.”


Works for big business like banks. Program underpaid minions to follow a system. Fast food outlets too.

I knew in 1973 there were questions about military service and the ''patriotism thing" but I also realized it presented the best opportunity for me to develop a career, get away from home and ‘‘be on my own’’ and it could happen in a single day!
Now there are considerations of mandantory vaccines and teachings of questionable ethics and the vastly increased potentiality of being discharged for a infinity of reasons.
The biggest impediment is probably getting shots you don’t want (anti nerve agent, covid, etc) and the Ideology classes which are proving to be so controversial.


Oh my lord that sort of thing has been going on forever, including before the 1970’s and beyond. In the late 60’s and early 70’s there were indoctrination speeches about race relations in the services. It was ignored until later when the bullets started whizzing by at which point all the speeches about race became superfluous. As far as getting vaccines? It was not an issue. You walked down the line and got them, no questions asked and no one died. I heard a few guys bitch about the shots but they also bitched about being forced to wear seat belts.


I agree, I don’t think recruits & potential cadets are discouraged by vaccines & PC crap. But as a dad I am. To get into Space Force the preferred pathway now is through the Air Force. Today I read the Air Force Academy D&I department is telling cadets not to use gender specific pronouns including Mom & Dad. What the Fuck? Of course cadets live on campus for 4 yrs & they aren’t supposed to use the words mom & dad while there? Considering all the love, support & money I spent on my kids I won’t be supportive of them going to a school where I’m referred to as “parent with penis”. I don’t care if it’s free or not. “Hey guys, my parent with a vagina shipped me some cookies, who wants some?” That Air Force Academy done gone & lost their minds with the rest of the country. Scratch that one off the list. Recruiter better not come by my house trying to kidnap my kids with that bullshit.


I find this difficult to believe.


Right now I can only find The New York Post & right leaning media covering it. If true, it would be hard to get more Orwellian than erasing the names of your parents. My kids call me dad, their mom, mom. Kids definitely not going to a military academy if thats a requirement.


Spot on and steady as she goes.


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Many good reasons why young men are not interested in the military today.

Our senile puppet POTUS having his strings pulled by woke feminists behind the curtain is just the last straw.


Just looking at the information in the link. The headline and lead-in do not match the text of the story, which is essentially a reprinting of a Fox News story

Air Force gender-inclusive training tells cadets to not use ‘mom,’ ‘dad’

are being told to address people in ways that “include all genders” — dropping the use of “boyfriend or girlfriend” and even “mom and dad.”

Purported quote from a training slide
consider ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and dad,'”

The headline and lead-in make it seem that people are being ordered to stop saying mom and dad. But the purported quote doesn’t say that. And since there is little context to the purported quote, any conclusion drawn from it is selective.

Note that nowhere in the New York Post story or the Fox story is a link to the entire slide presentation. Just selective slides. No context. No link to any other training materials. why not? Why not show the entire “evidence”?

Read the linked Fox story. The story is about a congressman making an allegation, and selectively using text and a few slides out of many to push an agenda. No journalism was attempted to find the truth behind the allegation, because the allegation itself was the story, not the truth,

But the Fox story does contain this, buried deep in the story:
In a second statement Thursday afternoon, USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Rich Clark clarified that the academy “does not prohibit the use of ‘mom and dad’ or other gender specific terms.”


“RAMBO” and “TERMINATOR” - the two guys who helped Reagan , Thatcher and Pope to reduce USSR and the whole soviet block to rubble are turning in their graves and howling in anguish and utter agony . That was Hollywood contribution to dismantle the soviets . Now they are dismantling Your country :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I was worried for a minute. The fact that the use of the words mom and dad is not strictly forbidden but is merely a suggestion makes me feel so much better. :roll_eyes:


Hey Buddy, you do realize that Rambo and Terminator weren’t real people /robots, don’t you?


Since nobody here has any actual first hand knowledge of this presentation - but has a take on it - I thought I would add mine.

It is possible they were not discussing the use of these pronouns when speaking about your family - but when addressing others. As in not assuming when talking about other families it is “mom and dad” or whether the other person has a “boyfriend or girlfriend”

Not sure if that is more or less “woke”, but if that is the reason for not pursuing a career in the service, if that is what you desire, maybe you are just a too easily “triggered snowflake”

Seeing how many of these "dog whistle " words I can get into one post


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Sure, I can even spell it in Russian: Украина

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Easy. In English that translates to, “You got under my skin.” :innocent:

Without getting into the argument about who said what in the press, and whether or not it was accurate, I think most people would agree that there’s a campaign out there to change language in the support of the progressive/woke agenda. A campaign styled exactly as predicted by George Orwell in Animal Farm and 1984, based on his early observation of Leninist initiatives in the USSR.

It’s not limited to the sex (“gender”) issue and had one of its earliest successes in the irrational but successful effort to label CO2 a “pollutant.” Actually, if you look around and listen to public utterances of woke progressives, their speech is heavily salted with Orwellian “Newspeak.”

Personally, I think the best way to combat it is to teach your kids to speak standard English and to enrich their vocabulary by reading pre-21st C. literature that, so far, we are still allowed to read. I hope some kids who agree that woke Newspeak is bullshit still go into the military. That’s the only way we’re going to save it as an institution. Same goes for a lot of other vocations.


I 've got no beef with You , then suggest " Pax vobiscum" , feel free to ignore me and carry on Your noble mission as it does not bother me at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: