US military recruitment problems

I can’t speak for my kids or any other young people. But I can speak for the +$100k that we spent on their parochial schools & the +$180k in their 529’s. My kids can probably afford the federal military academies because its mostly free. But if an academy or university’s suggestion of calling me & wife by our first names or some goofy pronoun evolves into a norm or requirement none of the 529 money will be spent there. It’s a damn shame an officer in our armed forces would even suggest not to use the words mom & dad. Honoring your mother & father is one of the easiest commandments to keep. Suggesting to not even honoring the words mother & father is unimaginable for me.


The sweetest prose i have ever read. Mark Levin would LOVE IT TOO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which officer suggested that?

I didn’t go to a military academy. I assumed the United States Air Force Academy is ran for the benifit of creating officers for the US Air Force & ultimately represented & administered by an active or retired military officer? I assume the buck stops somewhere there & staff (civilian/active/retired) answer to that active or retired officers. Are you suggesting staff there runs around doing things on their own & don’t speak for nor answers to the active/retired officers who run the academy?

I’m asking a basic question. You said an officer in the armed forces suggested not to use the words mom and dad. I’m asking, what is the name of the officer?

Or failing that. where is the document that states the same thing?

In other words, where is the proof?

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I sure the heck ain’t going to Colorado to investigate for you. But even if I did, I don’t ever recall you changing your mind about anything you ever debated on this forum before so I doubt it would do any good. I’m glad (& not surprised) you are fine with & skeptical of things reported so far.

I am skeptical of any news story until I see the proof. Especially when a congressman of any stripe makes an allegation without evidence.

(Why Sand Pebble, remember that whole thing about icebreakers two years back, and you told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, and I replied you were right and I would bow to your expertise…I’m wounded you’ve forgotten already… :cry:)

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I have an odd memory & remember the most useless & trivial things but unfortunately not that. I did get ombugge to admitt he was wrong about something one time & was so proud of myself I wanted gCaptain to create a special badge for me. :grinning:


Also, I once accused @MAK of being a Russian troll. He contacted me personally and convinced me he was just a good-old fashioned red-blooded American Bering Sea fisherman asshole. So I humbly apologized to him on the forum.

Remember those days, @MAK?

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It was actually a Chinese troll, and I’m down but no one has yet offered to pay my day rate. I do see you guys recruiting for chiefs though…

Russian and Chinese paid posters certainly exist as a factor to take into account. But only if you understand that they’re way outnumbered and complete fucking amateurs compared to US Government paid posters, who are absolutely hilariously outnumbered compared to US Corporation paid posters who invented the whole thing.

So by the numbers, you’re more likely to be a paid troll than a Russian or Chinese. The amount of bots supporting Ukraine on Twitter is around 90% compared to 10% Russian.

But you’re probably not a paid troll, just susceptible to propaganda.

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…sigh…good times…



I prefer NADSAT !

No soldiers, just advertise in central and south america, do a medical at the border and after 5+ years of service we give you a passport and your family can come to.
Fixed it.

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The Air Force has what it believes is a more effective recruiting tool. A drive that excludes cisgender applicants. (I had to look up cisgender in the dictionary):

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Don’t want them to use “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, either. . . You know, not so bad knowing I have fewer years ahead of me than behind.


Where did you see that?

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At least the guys in the unit will appreciate the shit out of Emma.

Having access to most US military recruiting tools is easy and I have not seen any thing that even mentions “cisgender”. Most people would live happier lives if they didn’t even click on the various left and right wing BS available on the internet. I’d also advise turning off the cable/TV news. They along with the internet nuts are all playing you for a fool. They get you riled up about bullshit to increase their income because more clicks equals more money. No one that is not from the USA and follows the online and US media even know what the hell woke is supposed to mean. It’s all made up BS. Geez, does this mean the people that worry about the “woke” crowd are the current snowflakes? Just quit looking on the internet to find out what you’re supposed to be pissed off about. Do your own research and don’t depend on Facebook, YouTube or any other pay to play outfits to give you “facts”.


Typical reaction during times of low unemployment. But even before the labor shortage the military was finding it hard to get qualified recruits. But as the military becomes more advanced the need for personnel decreases.


The AF is accepting cisgender candidates recruited through the Brooke Owens Fellowship.

Segment from the application package:


A: Yes! We at the Brooke Owens Fellowship value diversity as a core tenant of our mission: modernizing the aerospace industry by providing opportunities and access to young professionals across historically underrepresented genders. While we should note that the majority of Brookies to date have been cisgender women and that we expect that will likely continue to be the case, we have had incredible nonbinary and other gender non-conforming Brookies among our classes, and we are eagerly welcoming of all gender minorities who have historically faced gender-based bias in the industry.