US endorsements in other countries

Hey soo I am planning on moving to Norway and am wondering will Norway recognize my qmed training training or will I have to re do all my training in Norway

This is actually a great question. I have Irish citizenship in addition to US. So since I can legally work in the EU I’ve been wondering if my 3rd Mate license carries over.

Are you fluent in Norwegian?

On paper the maritime sector in Norway is quite open to foreign labor, but in practice that aren’t that many foreigners because they are quite strict that people are fluent in Norwegian.

Language requirements are a ‘loop hole’ many non-English speaking countries use to keep out cheaper labor without having laws like the Jones act that purposefully keep out foreigners, English speaking countries can’t do that because English is the international language.

The only requirement for Norwegian language skills are on Norwegian ships carrying passengers in Norwegian waters. I.e. ferries etc. (Safety precaution because there MAY be some pax that don’t understand English)
Otherwise there are a requirement to understand simple English and know SMCP)

Here is the rules that applies to apply for endorsement to serve on Norwegian ships:

Lot of ships plying on the Norwegian coastal have foreign flags and foreign crews. (No Cabotage Law applies)

Lots of Norwegian owned and operated ships are flying other flags, in which case the flag state rules applies. (IOM, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Malta are popular flags to use)

PS> You are not alone looking at moving from the US to Norway these days. Here is some point to consider:

If that is true then a lot of Norwegian Offshore companies must be illegally recruiting their crew…

You have to speak Norwegian to work on a lot of OSVs working out of Bergen etc. so that is illegal?


I held a Danish license for a period of time. Took about 15 minutes and a physical to get along with a copy of my US license.

Ja, jeg snakke norsk

Thanks for the info guys This helps me out alot

It is NOT illegal for an employer to demand Norwegian language skills, but is only MANDATORY on ferries etc. where there MAY be pax who do not understand English very well. (As you know nearly ALL Norwegians know some English)

PS> There are SOME fanatics that insist on all safety signage being in Nynorsk on ferries that traffic in their area:

I presume you are talking about a Danish CEC, not a COC?
To serve on ships in the DIS register it is required to have a CEC.
I can assure you that the Danes does not hand out “licences” (COC) like candy.

BTW; The same rules applies for ships under NIS register.

Yes, I suppose you are correct. I held a Danish Recognition Certificate, which allowed me to work as a watch stander onboard, while holding my US license.

qmed is Oiler? That is almost a non existing occupation on Norwegian vessels. We had “motormann” on the costal steamers I worked on but I have not met one on Offshore vessels.

A typical offshore vessel have 4 to 5 in the engine department. Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Electrician ETO or ETR and a Engine apprentice/cadet.

It’s an Oil Industry requirement not regulatory.
Bridge Watch personnel talking with the Oil rigs are required to could speak Scandinavian and English.

My friend told me an oiler and motorman are the same thing and I’ve see the fishing companies are hiring motorman on Finn and nav

I’m not fully informed on the different Engine room ranks on Norwegian ships these days, but it used to be;
Maskingutt (Engine boy), Smører (Greaser/Oiler), Motormann.
Any step up from there without a license was; Kvart (4th Ass. Eng.) who stood the Ch.Eng, watch (8-12) or Repratør (Repair Eng.)
I know that this has all changed with STCW being introduced. There is now both something called Lærling (Apprentice) and Maskinist Kadett (Eng. Cadet) but I thought Motormen were still a position on merchant ships.
Here is something that MAY explain it:

PS> Since you are young and know Norwegian you may consider getting a Maritime education in Norway. It is free for any Norwegian resident.
I don’t know where you intend to settle in Norway, but Maritime schools are found in all parts of the country:

PPS> I understand you are already involved in fishery. There are also vocational schools for fishery and aquaculture several places. Here is one of them:

This may be helpful:


So I don’t actually have my qmed yet I was thinking about doing this 1 year long program that would get me my qmed and wasn’t sure if I should do the 1 year long program or go to school in Norway also I’ll be in sortland norland Norway thats northern Norway it’s a 45 minutes drive from the Narvik airport

How much sea time do you have? There is a maritime school in Gravdal in Lofoten. Thats about 3 hours with car south from Sortland.

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I presume you are familiar with the weather in Sortland?:

PS> A fellow called Roy Størkesen contributed the video of a “waterfall in reverse”. Family??

Maybe you should consider the neighbouring Bø as a better alternative? It is next to Sortland and Norway’s new “Tax Heaven”:

“Norway’s answer to Delaware” may be better put?

I have like some deck time but I want into the engine room not on deck but I’m going to be doing the Paul haul apprentice problem unless anyone knows of any similar problem to get my qmed in Norway or motor mans license as they call it