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I have good experience as 2/off and DPO and i live in Haugesund, most Norwegian employers I have contacted has informed me, it is a requirement by the Norwegian law that officers serving in Norwegian waters have to speak and understand norsk because company SMS is written in Norsk. But if anyone could point out companies that may consider a English speaking seafarer, it would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this Gent below .

He may tell You a lot. Try second register NIS and generally FOC environment.Most of the ships under FOC have SMS in English and English is the language used for communication on board.

Note however that all the benefits available under national flag of Norway will be gone. So my advise ,which You can follow or not -learn Norwegian as soon as possible. I have friend who emigrated to Sweden in 1985 and he made it all the way to Master and command of one of the biggest roro ships in the world.

Worked for Wallenius and later for Wilhelmsen ship management untill it flagged out and transfered management to Singapore. But he mastered Swedish to fluency level. So there are two ways : the easy way and hard way to achieve things. Choose wisely. He was the pernament and last master of M/V Talisman before transfer to Singapore and familiarised new crew from I believe India.


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If you are registered as a legal resident in Haugesund you should have no problems with working on NOR ships in any trade. As far as I know fluence in Norwegian is only a requirement for those working on ferries carrying passengers in Norway. Working knowledge of English and Standard Marine Communication Phrases are mandatory.
Any requirements other than that must be company policy.

You could contact the Maritime Officer’s Association for advice:

Living in Haugesund you could drop in to Qstensjø and/or Solstad for a face to face meeting.
PS> Knutsen have several shuttle tankers that is DP operating in the North Sea and Brasil.

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Thanks for sharing, I am currently learning norsk. The hard way often leads better results

Thanks, I will do that. Best regards