US Company Claims Ownership Of Plimsoll Mark

well if lawyers, guns and money can’t fix this travesty, I would certainly hope that a friendly visit from Luca Brasi might persuade these wankers to head into the bush

Luca is the consummate negotiator with unique skills to reach a favorable outcome

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File for a trademark of your design. If they grant it then Plimsoll Gear has no case.


Wonder how long until Flagship Management gets a letter from these guys…

AFAIK, the trade mark only applies to stickers, shirts, mugs, and other such merchandise.

Will they try to sue Korean Register - they are using it as banner adverts in Lloyds List…(May have to refresh as Ads are cycled)


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Any update?

So, it looks like another “little guy” is working on selling Plimsoll mark stuff on FB… just checked on Plimsoll Gear’s webpage, and it looks like they’re defunct now. Can we have the Plimsoll shirts back again John? :grin:


Yeah, probably not :wink:

Soooo you’re saying there’s a chance…?


Is this what you were talking about?

Yup. Honestly I think Plimsoll Gear would have more issue with his design than the previous gCaptain one. John’s was just humorous and not full detail like this one (which is even more similar to Plimsoll Gear’s)

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Full detail indeed. I think ABS might have a lawsuit for this one. :grimacing:

Unlike the PlimsollGear items, these Load Line marks are actually accurate.