Upgrade to 1600 master processing time

On Friday I emailed the NMC asking about the turnaround time for upgrading from 1600 mate (oceans) to 1600 master (oceans).

This morning I received an email response saying that the normal processing time is currently 27-30 days!:slight_smile:

This is for approval to test.

Proof is in the pudding. If you don’t mind, can you check back in with us later and let us know how many days it actually took?

48 days and counting…

Grrr… After three weeks of asking them to tell me what they need, I finally get to talk to an examiner and find out that they have lost information related to sea time I submitted seven years ago. And now I have to prove the information that I previously gave to the Coast Guard, and which they accepted for my first license and two upgrades - 2 at the REC and one and NMC. If I have the info it is in a storage facility on the other side of the US.