Upgrade from 100 ton to 500 ton master NC

Hello. I’m upgrading my licenses to 100 ton to 500 ton. I got a letter in the mail approved to test. I know I have a year to test and when I take my first test I have 3 mounts
to take all of them. I wanted to know if there are some really good study aids, ie some book so I can read and understand what I’m testing for, and not just q and a stuff.

thank you for your time.


Upgrade U for iOS is helpful

See 46 CFR 11.217. These are two separate things.

You have one year to pass the test, not to start taking them. If you don’t pass within a year of being approved, you need to re-apply.

Once you start taking the exam, you have 3 months to pass all modules, or you have to wait 3 months and then re-take the whole exam over. This is independent of the one year to finish the process. If that one year passes in the middle of a testing cycle, you need to re-apply.

So you’d be prudent to start testing less than 6 months after you were approved so that you’ll have a chance at a second cycle if you don’t pass in the first round.

Lapware and Capt Joe’s software

Second on the Lapware, but that is for test prep and he said he wanted to “learn stuff”. In the past I have had good success with Houston Marine’s home study sets.

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Houston Marine has been around awhile; their home study stuff is good.