Updated World Magnetic Model shows magnetic north pole continuing to push toward Siberia

The north magnetic pole has traveled 1,400 miles since it was first discovered—and has changed speed, as well. As recently as 2000, the speed was clocked at 10 km/year. The latest readings show it moving at a brisk 50 km/year.


This is absolute proof of what many of us have known all along: Trump is a stooge being used by Putin. It’s unconscionable that he’s letting Russia take ownership of the magnetic north pole. Can’t wait for him to be impeached so things can return to normal.


Don’t be silly, this doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. Anybody who knows anything is aware that carbon emissions & Global Warming is to blame!

In other news, if the terrorists, the 1% billionaires, the illegal immigrants or climate change doesn’t get us maybe the magnetic poles will do us in?

At one time, conventional wisdom attributed the location of the northern magnetic pole to the mineral deposits in the Canadian Shield. Now it cites the molten core of the planet. I find it odd that we know much about celestial bodies thousands of light-years away but so little about what makes our own magnetic poles move and why there are such wide variations in its strength.


When I was in school we took a lot of field trips to planetariums & had the smartest professors from the state university visit us in class to tell us how the universe worked. I distinctly remember those smart people being adamant about the number of planets in the solar system & kindly being dismissed & chuckled at when we asked questions about black holes. There were 9 planets & black holes only exsisted on TV & in sci-fi books. Well, now there’s only 8 planets & there’s so many black holes it’s hard to even guess the amount.

Needless to say, I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on 1000 light years away or what happened 30 billion years ago. It’s all fancy guessing passed off as facts.

Get St. Greta on to it!


Headline should be “impersonal force of nature finds Canada boring, too”


With her deep scientific credentials I’m sure she can shed light on the subject topped off with her best stinkeye glare and wagging finger.

How DARE you!!!


Oh please please don’t! The government’s of Sweden/Norway & the world leaders at the U.N will want to build a humongous magnetic coil on top of the location where they think the magnetic north pole should be at to prevent her from throwing a tantrum & they’ll insist the taxpayers of the United States pay for it.

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I can’t resist: Sorry.

Pelosi was right. All roads lead to Russia!!