Up-grading from master 1600 o/c to 3rd mate unlimited

I have all my Assessments completed, do I have to take the classes to? Advanced stability, Gyro, Ship handling ECT. before I can test at the USCG?

I don’t know if you know but the USCG removed some of the required classes. Look on the Houston Marine website under policy letters and you will find the required classes. As far as you question the only classes you don’t need before testing is GMDSS and ARPA. But you will need to take them after so you can sail onboard a vessel with them. I can only assume you have dose already.


Yes, you have to take some courses, but not the ones you list. Read new USCG Policy Letter 11-07, or watchthis video.

Yes I have GMDSS and ARPA. Thank you for the reply. Stay safe out there.

Thank you for the link; it was helpfull.