Unlimited tonnage?

displacement…specific gravity…relative density…volume…weight…have always been fascinated as to why sh*t floats on this planet…it’s all about the gravity of the situation??

Quick question on tonnage: I’m “upgrading” to 3d Mate AGT from 1600 Master Oc but I’m using section 10.407©. 10.407© appears to mandate a mandatory tonnage limitation- evn though I have significant time as captain on vessels over 1600 gt. Evaluator said I can test but I told her to wait to see if I can amass enough 1600+ tonnage time to skirt the restriction. Any body have an idea how to avoid a tonnage restriction under these circumstances?

Does the submarine count as unlimited tonnage? :smiley:

Yeah well, you lucked out then. Check out CG Policy Letter 15-02. The only way around this might be the 10.407 © route (albeit with a tonnage restriction). Which I think is how many people upgraded.

I guess that would depend on the volume.