Unlimited AB vs Able Seafarer Deck

I have an Able Seafarer Deck endorsment on the way from the USCG but currently hold only a LIMITED AB. My question is; does the AS-D carry or is accepted as " equal " to that of the UNLIMITED when sailing nationally? ( I do have my RFPNW and PSC LIFEBOATMAN but dont have the required 1080 days of seatime )

They are separate documents. Are you asking if you can serve in a position that requires a national endorsement as AB-Unlimited? If so, the answer is no. On a U.S. vessel, you have to at all times be within the authority and limitations of your national endorsement, even when operating internationally. The STCW endorsement doesn’t waive or change the “blue ticket/green ticket” (probably a dated term, but I’m that old) provisions of 46 U.S. Code 7312.

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jdcavo thanks and I understand your answer and yes, I was wondering if I was going to sail as an unlimited because to me, logically, an International endorsment supersedes a National. I quess now the thing is to key in on the limitations of my AB LIMITED. Without checking, Im guessing the limits are within the " vessel tonage " department. Again, thanks for the quick reply!

Some national endorsements have limitations that aren’t in STCW, but that doesn’t whether or not they can be used on certain vessels, e.g. there are no provisions for towing vessels in STCW, but you still can’t serve on a US towing vessel internationally without being qualified nationally for Mate or Master of Towing Vessels.

The limitations for AB are generally based on tonnage, see the link in my post above for specifics.

46 CFR

46 U.S. Code § 7312

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