Uninspected company boat

I am trying to grasp the classification of an uninspected, inland waters, 24’, outboard, employee only transport crewboat. As best I can find: this is not a UPV as there are no passengers offering compensation for the ride (all are emploed by the company and are are being transported to company worksite). It is not a recreational vessel as it use is not operated for pleasure, nor manufactured as a pleasure boat. (33 CFR 175.3 & @75.11) As such I see no Federal requirement for a licensed operator (46 CFR 26.20), no matter how many employees the boat transports, nor any requirement for a type IV throwable (46 CFR 26.25-5). I assume neither are required.
Is this properly called an “uninspected motor boat”? Are my assumptions correct?
Any references to policy letters, code or precedent are appreciated.

I see nothing in Title 46 that addresses the issue of carrying non-compensating employees to work sites.
CYA and contact a CG district directly. Expect varying answers from different districts. I’ve even received different answers in grey areas from CG personnel in the same district.
Good luck.

Boat registration to the same state as the company office location is what I have seen.

Some states require a commercial boating license for situations like this. It’s a step up from the recreational certificate that states issue. In my state it’s a short quiz on local rules and aids to navigation.

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Is the idea this boat is below the level of a Boston Whaler, i.e. needs to meet no minimal requirements at all? No fire extinguisher, no lifejackets, fuel hose made out of panty hose, and so on?
I can’t imagine this being true.

Even if the operation is not subject to CG inspection, it has to comply with CG safety requirements. States also have requirements that mirror CG regs. No one in the US gets away with zero safety equipment, even small recreational vessels.
In my State of North Carolina as an example, these are the State regulations for non recreational boats:

  1. Each commercial vessel not carrying passengers for hire less than forty (40) feet in length must have at least one Type I, II, or III PFD of a suitable size for each person on board.
  2. Each commercial vessel forty (40) feet in length or longer not carrying passengers for hire must have at least one Type I PFD of a suitable size for each person on board.
  3. Each commercial vessel twenty-six (26) feet in length or longer must have at least one ring life buoy on board.
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I was just about to type this exact answer, like Lee_Shore said. Speak with your local harbor police, bay constables, marine police, whatever you have. You’ll still be subject to state boat regulations, and probably registration.

yacht_sailor: Numerous Fed regs apply from 33 CFR and 47 CFR. However, the two issues I noted seem, while whacky, nonetheless accurate.

Lee_Shore: those “commercial vessel” NC state regs, as you noted, appear to mirror 46 CFR 25.25-5 (a) & (b) for my vessel in question (an uninspected motor boat not carrying passengers for hire).

It seems the Fed has left to the States the regulation of “commercial not-for-hire” vessels on these points. Thanks all for the input.