Underway nav lights while latched up?

Is a DP vessel required to display underway navigation lights while latched up and in DP?

In addition to restricted in ability to maneuver are we required to display underway nav lights while latched up in DP?

Thanks for you help…this seems to be a grey area.

Not sure what you mean by “latched up”, but regardless you had better display all the lights required for underway making way.

DP is underway, making way by definition so yes running lights are required. You may choose to show RAM if working but not while standing by. Remember, RAM is “due to the nature of your work.”

[QUOTE=richard8000milesaway;69417]Not sure what you mean by “latched up”[/QUOTE]

Connected to the BOP or wellhead ie. unable to move the vessel any appreciable amount and as close to not being underway as you can get imo. Although I am told that the USCG considers that vessels engaged in drilling, well completion or intervention operations as being vessels underway & RIATM, I believe that they should be considered as anchored and RIATM (yes, there is such an animal). See Rule 27b(iv)

go figure…

So it’s just like the Helix Producer 1: we were “latched up” to the riser buoy on DP but displaying lights for UWMW RAM…

I guess you need your anchor ball up then again on DP in a current you are underway and making way in the col regs which are based on water not land movement.
DP is only 50 years old so it will take a while for the IMO to catch up

Depends where you are. In the US, pre-Macondo I shut off the Nav Lights and used Obstruction because the USCG (D8-m) told me I was an OCS facility when on location with intent to drill. Same reason you only have to clear Customs when not on loaction. Further guidance from the office later said you had to be latched up, not just have transponders out.

Post Macondo the USCG made it clear they consider you underway.

Canadian COLREGs are clear that in in lieu of nav lights, you show Obstruction lights.

Anyone know the Brazil rules. I’m still learning Portuguese.

The last person I am going to listen to is a government entity. I took the tests, I take the risks. Much as I hate to say it, I will listen to a lawyer because if something happens, that is who is going to be involved.

I listen to my experience more than anything else because, “…the Coast Guard told me…” will get you nothing in court unless it is recorded.