MODU's require anchors?

Does ABS or USCG require MODU’s that are dynamically positioned to have anchors? I would really appreciate any input. Getting ready for a move to Brazil and they are asking if we have them. We don’t. Thanks.

Some insurance underwriters will require anchors. Not sure about CG, but I would guess, particulary being manned, some will be required. Will this move under tow?

It’s my understanding that they require anchors only when moored in harbor. In deep water it’s DP or tugs only.

Correct me if I’m wrong…as I frequently am:).


There will be two tugs used for the tow.

It really depends on your rig. My former MODU was DP-2 but also required to carry anchors.

Your class certificate should give you some guidance. You can reference the symbols on it (assuming yours is ABS classed from your comments) to the attached file.

Who is asking about the anchors? (Brazil, USCG, your employer or ABS)

Brazil is asking about the anchors.

It depends on the type of unit and the mooring or positioning system employed. It can get kind of murky. Often they do not have to have the (e) equipment endorsement issued by a class society for meeting the society’s standards. That said, a class society will often give an (m) endorsement, but that only conveys that the mooring equipment meets the standards set by the unit owner. You almost never see an anchor on a jack up rig. For better guidance on requirements, it would be worth looking into the IMO MODU Code requirements.