Understanding China


World’s Northernmost Chinatown is “established” in Kirkenes, Norway to attract Chinese business as they are expanding their presence in the Arctic:

How long before the Trump administration start sanctioning Kirknes is anybody’s guess.


Beware of the Chinese bringing presents!


Maybe the people in Kirkenes is less paranoid about the Chines and more worried about being left with no replacement for the iron ore mine that is shutting down?

They are nearest neighbour to Russia and are already heavily dependent on Russian business. Street signs are already in both Norwegian and Russian due to heavy traffic of Russians crossing the boarder for shopping.

Maybe they just want to have more than one option?


yes they are wise to be careful of the BRI, Bankrupt and Repossess Ideal


There is a difference between presence and presents. The old expression beware of Greeks bearing gifts was a reference to the Trojan horse at Troy.


OK I didn’t notice. (Auto correct be damned)