U.s. Navy aircraft carrier strike force "task force 77" 76194



[B]Published on Jan 19, 2016[/B]
Made in the 1970s, TASK FORCE 77 presents a detailed view of the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier battle/strike force of the United States Seventh Fleet, operating with three aircraft carriers and support cruisers and destroyers. The USS Kitty Hawk is the focus of the film, but other aircraft carriers are shown as well. One section of particular interest is interception of the Task Force by a Soviet trawler at the 18:00 mark, and work by the ships in the vanguard to prevent it from monitoring them. At the 25 minute mark, an incredible rescue is seen as an airman is thrown overboard by jet blast, and then pulled out of the sea by whale boat and rescue helicopter.

In the post-Vietnam era, CTF 77 returned to its Cold War deterrence functions as Commander, Carrier Strike Force 7th Fleet in the Western Pacific, multi-hatted as Commander, Carrier Group FIVE (COMCARGRU FIVE) and Commander, Task Force 70 (CTF 70), the latter task force also being known as Battle Force 7th Fleet.[5] In this capacity, CTF 77 alternated embarkation as the Flag Staff aboard the USS Midway (CV-41), the aircraft carrier homeported in Japan since October 1973 as part of the Forward Deployed Naval Force (FDNF), and rotational Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers from NAS North Island and NAS Alameda, California deploying to the Western Pacific.

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