Incident 1100mi. West of Mexico results in burns, two fatalities, and USAF rescue

I can’t seem to find any details about the incident online, just that it killed two, seven are being repatriated by ship, and two are burned badly enough that they have gotten rescue by USAF PJ’s complete with aerial refuelling to get helicopters well offshore. Most of the coverage seems to be from USAF press releases which describe their involvement but neglect maritime matters. Hopefully gCaptain staff can get some details out of USCG Pacarea.

UPDATED: Davis-Monthan crews help in Pacific fishing boat rescue

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Below is a press release from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson about a rescue Sunday:
Airmen from the 563rd Rescue Group (RQG) responded to a Rescue Mission after being notified of a Venezuelan fishing boat 1,100 nautical miles off the Pacific coast of Mexico with two critically injured Chinese sailors May 02, 2014. While preparing for the world’s largest Combat Search and Rescue Exercise, ANGEL THUNDER, Airmen from the 563rd RQG were tasked to execute a real world mission involving the injured sailors.
[FONT=luxi-sans-1]The Chinese vessel came under distress after a fire injured four personnel and left six missing sailors. The remaining sailors boarded a life raft as their vessel sank and they were later recovered by a Venezuelan fishing vessel. Seven of the Chinese fishermen were in good condition and were transferred with two of their fellow sailors who succumbed to their injuries, to a Chinese-flagged ship in the area, returning to China.