Two USMMA cadets file sex assault, harassment suits against Maersk

Midshipman X has now gone public, and a second midshipman is joining the suit.

Courageous, in the face of immense pressure. We shall see how Maersk responds….

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Back in the day, when USMMI and MLL had the TAGOS contract, THERE WAS NO TOLERANCE for this! NONE! Upper mgmt may have been dick-heads about other things, but not this. So maybe the commercial side of the house needs to take lessons from the government side! !

Who do you think runs the Alliance ships?

I don’t think it’s the time to defend any of the Maersk entities.

Honestly, I don’t know. . . All I said was “back in the day”. Are those ships under the Govt side of the house?

I think it’s time (particularly for the court) to take a objective look at all the evidence and reach a ruling based on that evidence.

I haven’t followed this for a while but what I recall is that an accusation has been made by the cadet, the company investigated and fired some people (the accused being one) for a reason not directly related to the accusation (violation of alcohol policy).

If there’s more info than that, (particularly evidence backing up the accusation) please link as I’d like to read it.

Not just MLL US has problems with this.
Maersk is taking action worldwide:

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