Two Carnival cruise ships collide in port of Cozumel

Watch the Azipod’s wash. Time to use the bow thrusters.

Sometimes you have to go full ahead.

Or back down smartly!!

One of those moments you regret taking that tug ‘just in case’.

Looks like one of those times you see the pilot using body English to get the ship to move, or you catch yourself doing it.


As could be expected Carnival is downplaying the collision with six passengers injured to a matter of ‘making contact’. It seems that every passengers gets a $ 100 bonus for the experienced inconvenience. Maybe this a move to avoid possible claims.

What they don’t show you in any of the “take a cruise” commercials is given the number of cruise ship companies operating you are not alone. There isn’t one “destination” where there aren’t a multitude of other cruise ships there. So much for the “quaint, remote, sleepy little village” whose population explodes on any given day from the thousands of tourists that come and go.

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The Legend was bow north on the east side of the west terminal and the Oasis was on the east terminal. I’m assuming the Glory was topping around to get starboard side to on the west side of the west terminal and got set way too far inside. Were they listening to the guy giving distances off the stern?

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 9.10.15 AM

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Cruise line masters may be between a rock and a hard place through no fault of their own. Their bosses want to maximize profits to please share holders and tugs cost money.
Repairs and compensation for irate passengers following an occasional misshap may be cheaper in the long run.

How many boats did they hit? The first and second video posted are two separate incidents with the first video happening after the big first collision. You can already see the damage to the stern of Glory while it looks like it will inevitably collide again with the other docked cruise ship.

More points of view (collection):

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Looks like the first one was taken from Legend as Glory was frightening Oasis. Nobody I see is mentioning more than one actual collision.

Legend’s going to need a new radar scanner on the bow. The old one is sleeping with the fishes.

Gotta admit that I laughed just a bit watching the bow radar of the Legend pinball it’s way into the water…

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I only see the one where the stbd quarter of the Glory drifted in to the bow of the Legend. It looks like they were leaving and their forward progress was too slow. If they were arriving, they might have pulled away to reconsider their approach.

They got caught in a wind squall, according to Carnival. Not surprising, as it is very exposed. They missed the RCCL ship by about 8 meters. Could have been much, much worse.

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Sadly, I suspect it is only a matter of time before there is a real disaster.

One collided with a container ship just of North Foreland (UK) about 20 years ago. Our local lifeboat crew scrambled and took off 200 passengers in one lift. But as the Cox said later…

That was great, but what do we do with the other 1800 people on board?

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