Costa Smeralda hits crane in Savona

OOOPs!!! Forgot that the lifeboats were hanging outside:

the contact caused a lifeboat to fall into the sea (due to a winch failure)

Due to winch failure? I’d have thought it was due to being crushed between a gantry crane and a 185k-ton vessel :sweat_smile:


That was what made the front fall off.

“We think the lifeboat actually would have been fine, if it weren’t for that pesky winch failure” - Nobody (Costa)

This was in the access channel to the old port of Savona, on the dock for smaller commercial vessels. ‘Smeralda’ transited off this dock to reach her specially prepared home dock (she is much larger than the other Costa ships).

The second video on this site, shot near her bow, after second 50, shows a Yokohama fender squeezed and then ejected, near the bow:

This would mean, she hit the dock with her bow, in this narrow channel.

Steering/propulsion failure?

PIO? That’s far from inconceivable if the port predominantly handles smaller ships.