Disney Dream Allision

Posted today on a major Italian newspaper’s website

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

[Google translate]
Bahamas, the huge cruise ship crashes against the harbor quay

The incident happened to the Disney Dream ship traveling from Port Canaveral to Nassau

TV Courier

02 October 2017

The Disney fleet’s cruise ship on the Bahamian Islands missed the dock at the Nassau harbor and fought with violence. The bow of the ship was badly damaged. Whoever resumed the wrong maneuver of the ship commented: “There must be Pippo’s helm in making such a mistake”

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as per the article above - The BOW of the ship was badly damaged = FAKE NEWS.

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You posted a miserable translation then go on to trash it. Even if the article did say bow, who cares, it was written by a journalist and anyone other than a child from Kansas can tell the difference, if it even matters.

Calling it fake news only serves to minimize the very real impact of fake news such as that used by governments and politicians to further their own agendas.

Now please go away, your presence on this forum is offensive and only contributes to the noise level.


You bring politics into every thread. Now please go away, your presence on this forum is offensive and only contributes to the noise level.

I do wish people would film in lansdscape mode… simply turn the phone on it’s side and you get a far easier to watch film.

That apart…
Who has not misjudged the distance at some time and come in with a bit of a thump? What me? never guv, honest?

Something in the bible about casting a first stone.

Didn’t look like much wind. Guess they lost track of the pier as they were backing in. Anyone on the stern with a radio paying attention? What about the pilot? Since they don’t actually dock the ship that leaves them with more flexibility to oversee the whole operation.

No biggie, that’ll buff right out.


I prefer accurate journalism.

You obviously don’t know what “fake news” is…


I think you might be right. Yes this story was not fabricated, it did happen. I just like accuracy. I will get over it, I am far from perfect myself. On another note: Some dude just shot himself in the head on the police radio.

Go away.




Yes, accuracy is extremely important. I’m sure it happened. I know you can get over it. Don’t worry, nobody is perfect. You can do it. Keep up the good work with Google. You’ll be fine. How did he get on the police radio? Were the batteries fully charged? Don 't worry, you got this.


Thanks, appreciated. There are photos now available, the dent is still there but they painted the damage. It does look a little better. Stuff happens. At least the guy with the video was there, otherwise there would be no video. In regards to the police radio, that was a crazy few minutes.

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Sorry I beat you to fact that it was not the bow.

Looks like they have been luckier before:

But too close for comfort.

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