TWIC steps?

Looking to get into the lake freighter arena as a career change. So, I’ve obtained my TWIC and now I need to get my MMC. However, being very new to this industry and the coast guard website, it’s a little murky on what and how going forward. Am I just looking for a basic entry level MMC? Do I need to take any exams? Or do I just obtain both cards, pay the fees and start knockin on doors?? Thanks in advance!

You need to have everything applicable on the attached acceptance list. This list is what you need as a minimum for the app to be accepted.

Okay cool. I was assuming but needed to be sure. Thanks!

That’s all you’ll need. Good luck!

You might also need STCW Basic Training if you want to work on ocean going ships. If you stay inland or work on small boats you wont need it though.

Okay, good to know. However my plan is to only work on the great lakes since i live in a port city. Thanks for the heads up.