Tug Master Training

TTC is spreading their “cospel” all over the world:

They recently signed a similar contract in UAE.

Will they set up shop in the US as well?

Their web page:

If they plan to do that, they need to read up on this.

OK, it’s not that easy for a foreign company to do anything maritime in the US.
BTW; If they ever contemplated moving into the US I’m sure they have read this and whatever else regulations involved.

Well that makes one of us. My experience has been that some foreign carpetbaggers don’t, and/or they seek some waiver of our requirements.

Maybe TTC is not carpetbaggers? They are Dutch, afterall,
(Not known for wasting time on impossible tasks)

Which explains why they gave up Manhattan for Suriname.

One small swamp for a much bigger swamp. Not a bad deal at the time.

PS> Maybe they foresaw what it would become and didn’t want to get blamed?

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My employer has completed a Simulator using Transas .they modeled Seaway Global