Tug Endorsement for Pilot Job - Academy Grad Crossover?

I was looking at a pilot job today that requires 2 years of “command
time” on ships of unlimited tonnage, tug boats or offshore vessels
greater than 1600tons. You get 10 points of credit for unlimited or tug time and only 5 points for offshore time. I currently have my Master’s Unlimited (and DP certificate) but no command time so my questions are:

What do I need to do (as far as the USCG is concerned) to get my towing endorsement?

Can I get my towing endoresment aboard an offshore supply vessel?

(here’s a twist on [the past conversation](http://gcaptain.com/maritime/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=30" title="Hawsepiper Crossover)) <font size="3]How would a <strike>1600 ton master</strike> Chief Mate,
who recently got his <strike>3rd mate</strike> Master’s unlimited, make the leap into <strike>the
bluewater</strike> offshore supply (or harbor tug)? And how much do <strike>3rd mates</strike> workboat captain’s really make? … also what is the work schedule?</font>

The easiest way for you to get your towing endorsement is to get your towing officers assesment record signed by an approved Coast Guard assessor. I think you need 90 (8 hour days), but don’t quote me on that, on a towing vessel. You can download the TOAR online. Then you just need to find someone to go through it with you. I just think it is ridiculous that an Unlimited Master would need to have his license endorsed for anything. Unlimited Master should be just that. Nothing to endorse to. What the hell.

NVIC 4-01 May 21, 2001


Can you get your towing endorsement on an OSV? The short answer is yes. Most of the large Anchor Handlers fall under the category of OSV. I work on an AHTS. The COI is dual purpose OSV subchapter L and Subchapter I industrial vessel. ABS certification A-1 towing vessel. The coast guard neither recognizes it as a towing vessel nor requires you to have a Master of Towing, but it will recognize days actually under tow on an AHTS as time towards your license to get a Master of Towing.

(Now the twist on the past conversation) This is exactly how you cross over. You walk into any Supply boat company with your license and they will hire you. I don’t know how much a harbor tug captain makes, but the supply boats to anchor boat pay ranges from 450 per day to 650 per day. (The 650 is for unlimited Masters, the few positions in the company I work for) Most of the schedules are 28 days on and 14 days off. Some of the overseas positions are 60 on and 30 off. Pretty much the same pay. There are a few boats that some captains each work even time on and off.

Good stuff, thanks!

<cite>“Unlimited Master should be just that. Nothing to endorse to.”</cite> LOL. yeah I’ve been battling the coast guard since… well I don’t remember when. It’s funny I almost took a summer job with SeaTow back in school, instead my buddy got the job, took a short towing test and it still endorses his unlimited license! …but like you said it’s not launching Atlantis into space ( I like one DPO’s phrase: It’s not rocket science or I wouldn’t be here).

One more question. The pilot job requires 2 years of “command time”. Are both capt’s aboard considered to be on equal footing or is one considered “in command”?

I honestly don’t know what they mean by command time. On the boat I work on we are all considered in command when we are on the bridge. We all have they same license. We all pull our on watches. 8 hours on 16 off. But the Master is in Command. If he says do this or that we comply. I am unsure what they mean by in command, but I would have to say it would mean actually in Charge. The Master. Sorry I couldn’t help you with that one.

Not a bad idea John. Shiphandling is the thing drillship and semi captains lack the most. The last time I took a drillship into port the c/m almost lost the anchor and the pilot almost had a heart attack. Even if you didn’t get the pilot job you’d get some underway experience and could always come back to the unlimited side in 2 years. There aren’t many guys in this world with c/m experience and a dp cert who also know the difference between drillpipe and casing!

Lee, that was exactly the information I needed. The pilots want someone who has experience making the “final” decision, so it looks like the Master is that person.


Command time is the master of the vessel…period. Tug, Ship,or OSV

You might think you’re in command because you’re in the bridge alone, but you better look on that wall and see who wrote the “standing orders”. Those orders are a reiteration (by reg.) of who is in command when not on the bridge.

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 I would contact the pilot association that you are considering and ask, " where do you normally get pilot trainies?"

Most all pilot boards use a merit system, but some favor using harbor tug masters as recruits (one example). Mainly because there is already a repor established during day to day activities with the pilots and they already know local procedure.

There might be a minimum 50 points required. The harbor tug master got 51 and you got 70…and you lost out on the job.

I’m just saying, dont get stuck on the requirements, ask the pilots association. A master of towing earned offshore on an OSV might not be the best route for a pilots gig.

On the other hand, Some of the Large AHTS vessels like the Laney Chouest require the bridge officers (by reg.) to take yearly physicals because they “serve as pilots”. This could be looked upon favorably by pilot associations as an applicant.

Hey Dipstick that is exactly what I said. Can I quote myself, “If I had to say command time would actually be the MASTER”

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Example of confusion:

(this is one post!!!) Note the contrast in color because of the absence of crayolas.

“<font color=”#ff0000]I honestly don’t know what they mean by command time</font>. <font color="#339966]On the boat I work on we are all considered in command when we are on the bridge. We all have they same license.</font> <font color="#339966]We all pull our on watches. 8 hours on 16 off</font>. <font color="#3366ff]But the Master is in Command. If he says do this or that we comply.</font> <font color="#ff0000]I am unsure what they mean by in command</font>,<font color="#ff0000] but I would have to say it would mean actually in Charge</font>. <font color="#3366ff]The Master</font>. <strong> Sorry I couldn’t help you with that one." </strong>

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You are such a smart ass!!! My Clinical condition remains undiagnosed, but I like to think of myself as Bi-polar multiple personalities, sexual deviant. I see that I am dealing with a reading comprehension problem, so I am going to have to elaborate and use smaller words, seeing that you are the visual mathematician and I am the word wizard. When I say I honestly do not know what they mean. That means exactly that. I don’t know what the people mean that posted the ad two years of command experience. Maybe I used the wrong word in the sentence we are all in command when we are on the bridge. I guess I should have said we are in charge of our own watch. That would have been a simpler statement with less implied authority, But I followed up with “THE MASTER IS IN COMMAND” I put that in caps this time because it was missed the first three times you read it. If he says do this or do that then we comply. That statement includes standing orders or even just a statement or verbal order. What I know and what they are asking for are two different things. The wishy washiness of my statements reflected the doubts I had as of what they considered command time and what I consider command time. I answered his question to the best of my ability. Let me summarize for you once more in Capital letters. THE MASTER IS IN COMMAND. I hope that is clear enough. Good Luck on Marine propulision systems. Love Lee

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