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Operating on a rock in the North Atlantic, LNG is probably not viable given the infrastructure required which is ironic given that the self same rock exports gazillions of cubes a year to UK gas supply system. We are currently assessing the hybrid route for 2 new tugs but also have an eye on hydrogen and compressed natural gas. The hydrogen route is probably too far down the road for any new acquisitions but never say never! The main issues with both hydrogen and CNG is getting the initial infrastucture in place.

I don’t know which “rock in the North Atlantic” you are talking about. Rock All, or the island of Britain?

As for use of LNG as fuel for ships, ferries and tugs another rocky outcrop in the Atlantic called Norway was a pioneer. They are now aiming to be the same for hydrogen:

This from Splash 24/7 today:

One thing that has held back LNG as marine fuel is the lack of bunkering facilities. (which is now improving) To ensure the same doesn’t happen with hydrogen a bunker vessel has already been designed. (Now waiting on customers before building commence):

Thanks for this as I was unaware of the H2 bunker vessel design. We are well aware of Norway’s foray into H2 ferries here in Shetland however, to date these have been based on fuel cells rather than compression ignition engines. Similar proposals are being looked at for our inter-island ferries. I don’t think that there is enough time for H2, LNG or CNG infrastructure to be put in place before we purchase new tugs therefore as previously stated we are looking at hybrid technology.
PS Shetland’s nickname is the Auld Rock which is quite apt given that some of the earth’s oldest rocks are a mere 15 miles away from where I am sitting!

US Navy award rug service contract to Moran:

Time to go IoT:

SAAM is aggressively expanding it’s business in the Americas, while others are also seeing opportunities there and beyond:

The wold’s largest tug boat company to be formed:

Chinese shipyard to build 11 pusher tugs for a project in Africa:

PSA Marine and Wartsila team up for Intelligent Tug project:

A more informative video:

Containerable tug anyone?: